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June 10th

Shooting USA’s Impossible Shots -  The Modern Annie Oakley
Shooting by sighting with a mirror. It’s the famous exhibition shot simply known as the Annie Oakley. All of our Pro Shooters have tried it in the past, except Julie Golob, until now. Julie’s shooting over her shoulder with an M&P 15-22 as her take on the Modern Annie Oakley. Plus, Mr. Flintlock tries for a long range shot with a round ball.

June 17th

Shooting USA’s Impossible Shots - Munden Has the Key
We start off with another famous Annie Oakley challenge for S&W Pro Shooter, Julie Golob. It’s Julie’s method of cutting down on smoking. Then Bob Munden comes back from our video archives, with another self-styled challenge, that unlocks another Impossible Shot.

June 24th

Shooting USA’s Impossible Shots - Todd’s Blazing Reload Challenge
For Blackhawk! Pro Shooter, Todd Jarrett, the Impossible Challenge is Drawing, Shooting, and making 5 Magazine Changes, with a shot from each on target, in under 6 seconds. It does set up to be an Impossible Shot! Then, Randy Oitker is challenged in long-distance accuracy with his bow.

July 1st

Shooting USA’s Impossible Shots - Miculek Family Feud
Shooting's first family goes head-to-head in two-gun competition. Kay and Lena team up to take on Dad, the Smith & Wesson Pro Jerry Miculek. The competition is fierce as the Kay and Lena try to de-throne Jerry.  Plus The Master of the Longbow, Byron Ferguson, tries a new career as a Lumberjack, but only Byron splits wood like this.

July 8th

Shooting USA’s Impossible Shots - Get The Lead Out
Byron Ferguson is challenged by the Write Way to Shoot, with a pencil as his target. First clipping off just the eraser, then changing ends to just cut the tip of the sharpened lead. Then Master Gunfighter, Cisko, tries the classic El Prez drill for record time, but with his two six-guns instead of the traditional autoloader mag change. How fast can the El Prez be done with two draws instead of one?


Shooting USA’s Impossible Shots - Call Him 22 Plinkster
He's an online star. Now he's Impossible Shots newest team member.   .22 Plinkster makes his debut with a series of card shots that would impress everyone from Jerry Miculek to Annie Oakley.  One may leave you spinning.  Plus we dig into the archives for a classic shot from the late Bob Munden.

July 22nd

Shooting USA’s Impossible Shots - Jerry's Rapid Rimfire
Smith & Wesson Pro, Jerry Miculek is burning down steel plates with his M&P 15-22.  Jerry pushes the limits of his rifle, and himself with some of the fastest rimfire shooting in Impossible Shots history.  Then we're joined by Mr. Flintlock. George Sutton has a .50 caliber send-off for an old worn out camera. It's gear retirement Impossible Shots style.

July 30th

Shooting USA’s Impossible Shots - Mr. Flintlock's Hair Cut
George Sutton is cutting hair. It's a close shave for Mr. Flintlock on a single strand of hair. A target so thin George isn't sure he can see it, let alone shoot it. Plus Master Gunfighter, Cisko combines speed and accuracy. It’s fast draw shooting from the world champ, but his target is only the size of a quarter.


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Impossible Shots is the most watched series airing as a part of Outdoor Channel’s Wednesday Night At The Range program series for shooters and gun enthusiasts.

The series is a spin-off of the very popular segment, that has aired for 15 years as an element of the gun shows hosted by Jim Scoutten. 

Shooting USA’s Impossible Shots is now a complete show, covering the extraordinary and amazing skills of the world’s best professional Exhibition Shooters. What our team of professionals can do with six-gun, pistol, rifle, shotgun, and longbow would be impossible for anyone else to accomplish.




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