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March 19th

Shooting USA’s Impossible Shots - Play Day
This time Smith & Wesson pro shooter Jerry Miculek puts down his revolvers for some shotgun action. But it’s still rapid fire action, like everything Jerry does. Then Master Gunfighter Cisko lives up to his nick-name, trying fast draw with two guns, Gunfighter Style, with both guns in action knocking down multiple moving targets. 

March 26th

Shooting USA’s Impossible Shots - Cisko’s Split
Fast draw specialist Cisko tries splitting two playing cards in a row from the hip. Then Mr. Flintlock takes a tip from Jimmy Stewart and shoots targets through a washer. And we reprise the late Bob Munden’s Classic Shot, opening a safety pin with a .45 caliber bullet.

April 2nd

Shooting USA’s Impossible Shots - Ranging Out
Jerry Miculek is going long range with his Smith & Wesson sporting rifle. 400 yard shooting, all off hand, and in a wind storm. This is one you'll have to see to believe. Then a Bob Munden classic shot, shooting 200 yards with his .38 snubby. And Randy Oitker uses his compound bow and arrows to recreate another legendary Bob Munden Shot.

April 9th

Shooting USA’s Impossible Shots - Shield Protection
Jerry Miculek has a new M&P Shield, fresh from the box, and ready to try some Impossible Shots with the gun designed for concealed carry and personal protection. Plus, Compound Bow expert, Randy Oitker tries a Bob Munden coin shot, to honor Bob’s reputation, and risk his own, if he can’t pull off the challenge.

April 16th

Shooting USA’s Impossible Shots - 600 Yards of Bob
There's an old Montana legend about a cowboy shooting a deer at 600 yards with a handgun. Bob Munden looks to prove him right in a Classic Shot, 600 yards with a Smith & Wesson .44 Magnum on a steel target. And Mr. Flintlock is working on his favorite exhibition shot, cutting cards. The question is, how many can he cut with a single shot? Plus Smith & Wesson Pro Jerry Miculek creates the ultimate 3-Gun challenge, Rifle, Pistol, and Shotgun at incredible speeds.   

April 23rd

Shooting USA’s Impossible Shots - Army Shots
This time we’re on post at Fort Benning with the Army Marksmanship Unit as Staff Sergeant Josh Richmond joins the Impossible Shots team. He's an Olympic shot gunner who also has some pump gun tricks up his sleeve. Meet the newest member of the Impossible Shots Exhibition team. Then Mr. Flintlock is out of powder and round balls! It will take an old school tool to pull off this Impossible Shot.

April 30th

Shooting USA’s Impossible Shots - Shotgun Fun
Smith & Wesson Pro shooter, Jerry Miculek has a new shotgun right out of the box. So how does he break it in? By setting a new record in super-fast shooting! You've never seen speed like this. Then, Sergeant Josh Richmond of the Army Marksmanship Unit can't pick a single target. So the Olympic shotgunner juggles them all at once. 

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Impossible Shots is the most watched series airing as a part of Outdoor Channel’s Wednesday Night At The Range program series for shooters and gun enthusiasts.

The series is a spin-off of the very popular segment, that has aired for 15 years as an element of the gun shows hosted by Jim Scoutten. 

Shooting USA’s Impossible Shots is now a complete show, covering the extraordinary and amazing skills of the world’s best professional Exhibition Shooters. What our team of professionals can do with six-gun, pistol, rifle, shotgun, and longbow would be impossible for anyone else to accomplish.




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