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May 18th

Shooting USA’s Impossible Shots - Thread the Needle
This time, SSG Daniel Horner has combined with the Army Marksmanship Unit Gunsmiths to set up the ultimate Impossible Shot. One bullet shooting through two barrels to pop a balloon. It’s definitely threading the needle off-hand. Plus, Randy Oitker switches to a crossbow to set up his Annie Oakley, over the shoulder challenge. Julie Golob is your guide to some of the most amazing exhibition shots ever seen. 

May 25th

Shooting USA’s Impossible Shots - George the Card Cutter
George Sutton chooses the most common target for exhibition shooters Playing Cards. Mr. Flintlock says they’re handy, you can carry them in your pocket in case you need to perform a trick shot at the Supermarket. Then Micah McMillan chooses the next most common target - Golf Balls, but this time he’s intentionally missing with his shotgun and that turns out to be an Impossible Shot.  Julie Golob hosts this edition of Impossible Shots.

June 1st

Impossible Shots - Byron’s Cards
Julie Golob hosts as Byron Ferguson attempts to cut cards with a broadhead. It’s all in the timing with a spinning arrow flying to make the cut on not just one card, but three, with a single arrow. Plus, a classic shot from the late Bob Munden, nicking a nickel, and then a dime off a target stand with a .45 caliber bullet.

June 8th

Impossible Shots - Sgt. Richmond’s Speed 8
US Army Marksman Josh Richmond is an Olympic competitor in Double Trap, but this week he honors one of the famous pro shooters who inspired him to take up the sport. Sergeant Richmond recreates one of Herb Parson’s exhibition shots from the 1950s, eight birds from the low house as fast as they can be thrown. But then he takes it up to Impossible, shooting from the hip. Julie Golob is your host for this edition of Impossible Shots.

June 15th

Impossible Shots - Welcome Back Randy
Julie Golob is your host as Randy Oitker returns to show off his Guinness Record and tell the story behind his eye injury that threatened his future as an exhibition pro shooter. Plus, Master Gunfighter, Cisko is racing through two targets with two shots at Impossible Speed.

June 22nd

Impossible Shots - Jerry vs. The Machine
Julie Golob is your host to introduce Jerry Miculek being challenged by an unpredictable target machine. Can Jerry cut a card when he doesn’t know where it will appear? Plus Cisko has gone Hollywood on us, with two-gun fast draw! And that gets Impossible when he adds an exercise ball to turn everything upside down.

 June 29th

Impossible Shots - Get The Lead Out
Byron Ferguson is challenged by the Write Way to Shoot, with a pencil as his target. First clipping off just the eraser, then changing ends to just cut the tip of the sharpened lead. Pus, Master Gunfighter, Cisko, tries the classic El Prez drill for record time, but with his two six-guns instead of the traditional autoloader mag change. How fast can the El Prez be done with two draws instead of one? 

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Impossible Shots is the most watched series airing as a part of Outdoor Channel’s Wednesday Night At The Range program series for shooters and gun enthusiasts.

The series is a spin-off of the very popular segment, that has aired for 15 years as an element of the gun shows hosted by Jim Scoutten. 

Shooting USA’s Impossible Shots is now a complete show, covering the extraordinary and amazing skills of the world’s best professional Exhibition Shooters. What our team of professionals can do with six-gun, pistol, rifle, shotgun, and longbow would be impossible for anyone else to accomplish.




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