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Pendleton Safe Company - Web Review
By Patrick Blankenship

For protecting priceless firearms and valuables from damage, Pendleton Safes featuring Revolution Technology is truly revolutionizing the safe industry.

In the centuries since their introduction, safe technology has evolved to meet the ever growing needs of owners and deterring those attempting to obtain the protected valuables inside. American made and owned Pendleton Safe Company is continuing to lead the industry with innovative designs with one principal in mind, keeping your prized valuables secure.

Security that Meets the King’s Highest Standards



Safe technology has changed dramatically since the days of treasure chests and pirates. Today, more robust methods of securing valuable possessions like pistols, rifles, or jewelry are needed. An approach many imported safe makers have adopted is constructing their safes with cheap carbon steel combined with a two to three-inch thick piece of sheet rock. In the words of Bruce Pendleton, owner and founder of the Pendleton Safe Company, “you’re giving up real security for false security.” With any one of the three Pendleton Safe models you’re guaranteed a minimum of 3/16” thick high-strength, low-alloy (HSLA) steel. For instance, the King Series features 1/4” thick HSLA low-alloy steel construction without any cheap sheet rock. While the Bishop and Knight Series share the same HSLA steel design as the King, these safes are fashioned with 3/16” steel side walls and 1/4” steel top and bottom panels. Even though every Pendleton Safe is constructed with thick high-strength steel, Bruce believes “a safe is only as strong as its weakest point.” Each Pendleton Safe is 100% fully welded creating a virtually seamless constructed safe.


An S&G Electronic Locking System

In addition to fully welded seams adding security, Pendleton Safes are comprised of five active security measures. Those include an S&G electronic locking system with optional biometric keypad; fail-safe door handles; precision laser-cut door and frame panels making them pry-bar resistant; a plate bolt design providing 4X more steel surface area than any other manufacturer; and a lock-bolt LED indicator alerting owners to when their safe has been left unsecure.



A Design with Ample Function

The attention to detail doesn’t stop with security. On first inspection, you’re instantly struck by the high gloss finish and rich color that’s normally seen on antique muscle cars. Each buyer has the option of choosing one of eight beautiful high gloss or textured color choices. While the personalized exterior color might catch the eye, the ultra white interior finish reminds this reviewer of a clean medical laboratory. No fuzzy carpet inside this hot rod of safes.


Big on storage, small on floor space

Another aspect that stands out when inspecting a Pendleton Safe is their high storage capacity yet remarkably small footprint. For example, it’s possible to protect nearly 100 firearms in a 32” diameter frame. No competitor can boast having a large storage capacity while maintaining such a small footprint as a Pendleton Safe. To achieve such a high capacity, each Pendleton Safe utilizes their innovative Revolution Technology that deploys a manually or optional motorized rotating modular shelving system that allows for over 45 customizable storage options.

The Perfect Solution to a Growing Problem


Owner & Founder Bruce Pendleton and Shooting USA host & Executive Producer Jim Scoutten

With the ability of storing a high volume of items, Shooting USA host and Executive Producer Jim Scoutten immediately solved his show’s problem of storing and protecting a growing collection of valuable pistols, rifles, and shotguns. “We had a problem,” said Jim Scoutten. “Guns were all over the place. There was no means of organizing them and banging up a fine gun is the last thing we want to do.” The solution to a good problem came from Bruce Pendleton. Scoutten says, “In the same footprint, Pendleton has organized everything we had and left room for more new guns.”

The unique design of Pendleton Safes doesn’t stop with security and capacity customization. Inside you’ll find 400 ultra bright LED lights showcasing your guarded valuables. No more grabbing the flashlight to see what’s sitting in the dark corner of your safe. Also every safe is equipped with an electronically-controlled moisture unit to prevent damage causing moisture from destroying your fragile items.

Debunking the Fire Rating Myth


Those are some serious hinges

Unlike competitor safes, Pendleton Safes are not fire rated. When asked about the lack of a fire rating, Bruce Pendleton had a simple answer. “The reason is nobody in the gun industry has a fireproof or fire rated safe. ATM machines aren’t even fireproof. A gun safe would have to be basically made of concrete to be fireproof.” Potential buyers can rest assured because each Pendleton Safe is tested and rated by Underwriters Laboratories or UL®. Mr. Pendleton says, “UL offers a fire test but nobody can pass it. Manufacturers do their own private fire ratings test because there’s no recourse against a buyer to argue because it’s just that, an independent test.” “I’ve spent literally $70,000 testing on this so I know it’s a fact,” said Bruce. In other words, a safe’s fire rating is a myth and marketing gimmick.


Five spoke chrome .50 caliber handles are a nice touch

With innovative security, design, and quality, Pendleton Safes are more than a common firearms or jewelry safe. President and founder Bruce Pendleton markets his safes as a “valuables management system.”  “Uncompromising security” isn’t only a philosophy. It’s Pendleton Safe Company’s top priority.

For more information and customer testimonials, log onto or check out this short promotional video explaining the value of Pendleton Safe’s product.


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