Guns and Products
for Ladies’ Concealed Carry 

By Jim Scoutten



We brought in a collection of the hard to find Shields in 9mm as first option for the ladies taking the class and they all thought it shot great.  They could handle the recoil and they liked the compact size that was still controllable to get hits on target. So the Shield was a big hit for the majority of the class. Suggested Retail $449


Safariland-1-holster-SMWe also brought in the newest concealed Carry Holsters for the Shield from Safariland.  They have two versions that can be set up either as a paddle holster without a belt… or for belt attachment. 

This first one is a level one retention holster that relies on adjustable tension set by a screw to retain the shield. 

The second version is Auto Locking, level Safariland-2-holster-SMtwo, retention, with an easy to operate thumb release behind the handgun.  We like both of these and I personally prefer the level two for security.   Our ladies made their selections for days they are wearing a jacket while carrying.   These are less than $50 in either version. 

Link to Safariland Carry Holsters



Walther-PK-SMNow here’s a lesson we learned that’s a warning to husbands and boyfriends… don’t bring your lady a gun and announce that it’s her new carry pistol.

Two of the ladies taking our class did not have the upper body strength to operate the slide on the 9mm Shield.  They could shoot it, but they couldn’t load it.

The solution was the Walther PK 380… with nearly as much firepower, chambered in 380, but a slide that is very easy to operate. The PK 380 has different controls than most autoloaders, but the ladies found them easy to master.   And they also liked the price of the Walther… suggested retail is just $390.

Link to Walther PK 380



We also need to credit Atlanta Arms and Ammo for shipping in the ammo necessary for the class, during the ammunition shortage.  The ladies shot Atlanta Arms once-fired reloads in 9 millimeter and .380.

Link to Atlanta Arms and Ammo




And to preserve their thumbs… Brownell’s sent in two versions of the UpLula magazine loaders.  The small one (right) is perfectly sized to the Walther single stack magazine.  The larger version (left) is loose on the Shield magazine, but does the job of saving the thumb through 100 rounds of shooting. Either size is $34.

Link to UpLula magazine loaders



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