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The Safe Holster for Concealed Carry


BlackHawk SERPA Retention Holster
for the Smith & Wesson J-Frame

In response to an overwhelming request for a concealable SERPA holster for the popular S&W J-frame revolvers, BlackHawk Products Group™ has announced the newest addition to the line of SERPA retention holsters.

The SERPA Technology Retention Holster debuted in 2004 and provided the public, law enforcement, and the military with a revolutionary holster system that does away with conventional thumb breaks and incorporates a unique releasing mechanism. The patented SERPA lock engages the trigger guard as the pistol is holstered and won’t let go until you release it. During the draw, the trigger finger presses the lock release as the hand draws the gun out of the holster. No re-gripping is necessary as the draw is completed and the trigger finger is properly aligned along the frame and able to move into the trigger guard to engage the trigger to shoot.

Smith & Wesson first made a “small revolver” or J-frame design in the early 1950’s with the introduction of the 5-shot .38 Special named the “Chiefs Special.” Since that time, the Chiefs Special and other J-frame models have become favorites for concealed carry and as back-up guns. Smith’s newest models are exceptionally light and easy to carry concealed. The model 340 weighs less than a pound loaded with .357 Magnum.

Now that the SERPA locking holster is available for this popular line of handguns, civilians and police officers can be assured their gun is not going to slip out of the holster, no matter what activity they may be engaged in. And no one will be able to grab the gun out of the holster, except the owner making a draw in an emergency. Civilians carrying concealed are just now realizing holster retention is as important for them as it has been for Law Enforcement for many years.

“The SERPA J-frame holster was developed for the civilian market due to the huge demand from people who use J-frames for concealed carry,” Chuck Buis, Brand Manager for the BlackHawk CQC line said, “And lots of particularly gun-savvy police officers still use J-frames also.”

The SERPA J-Frame holster is available at your local dealer or online at It comes with both a belt loop and paddle for a suggested retail price of $44.95.

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