Shooting USA – Top NRA Recruiter in 2011

The National Rifle Association has totaled up the new and renewal memberships provided by hundreds of recruiters across the country, to find Shooting USA Television has achieved the top position in the Independent Recruiter category.  Shooting USA Television directed 4,435 new memberships to NRA member support through the website offer.


The First Place certificate from the National Rifle Association, awarded to Shooting USA. (Click image for enlargement)

Jim Scoutten, Executive Producer and Host of Shooting USA, said, “I’m pleased that our offer of a discounted membership has continued to produce support for the NRA, the organization guarding our Second Amendment rights. We do have the TV advantage of putting our offer in front of our half-million viewers every week. I just keep nagging the viewers in every show, that their NRA membership card is the most important shooting accessory they’ll buy this year.”

In presenting the first place certificate, NRA Recruiting Manager, Randy Clark said, “I thank you for the work you have done to strengthen the NRA by increasing membership. Our hope is that you will continue to receive this award for years to come.”

Scoutten said, “In these political times, it’s pretty easy to remind our viewers that the NRA is the strongest defense we have for all our rights, to concealed carry, to firearms ownership, and to the defense of affordable ammo supplies. We’re just there every week, in every show we produce, making sure they’re thinking about the importance of supporting the NRA.”


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