Shooting USA Presents Safe Haven

Safe Haven

Outdoor Channel’s Documentary to Air in Prime Time

The one hour documentary, produced by Tim Cremin, examines the evidence and the opinions, both for and against, Gun Free Zones.

Shooting USA’s Executive Producer, Jim Scoutten, saw the show in its original airing and knew immediately it needed wider audience exposure. Scoutten has volunteered the Shooting USA Prime Time Hour at 9:00 Eastern Time to make that exposure possible.

“This is an extraordinary hour of documentary reporting that leads to the inescapable conclusion, that only good guys with guns can stop a mass murderer,” Scoutten said. “Safe Haven, hosted by Fox News contributor Katie Pavlich, is the landmark work that needs to drive the conversation on Gun Free Zones and we’re helping with that.”

“Since we’re the only one hour show under contract in prime time, we can provide this airing,” said Scoutten. And our Shooting USA sponsors are all in support of this special programming on Wednesday evening.

Safe Haven, Gun Free Zones in America will air at 9:00 Eastern, 8:00 Central, Wednesday May 13.  Shooting USA scheduled programming will appear in two regular time slots, 3:00 PM and 12:30 AM, Eastern Time, Wednesday.



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