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SASS and Shooting USA Expand
National Television Coverage

Cimarron Firearms and Brownells Sponsor SASS Event Shows

Yorba Linda, CA:   The Single Action Shooting Society and Shooting USA Television have announced an agreement to significantly expand National TV coverage of SASS shooting competitions and events. Under the terms of the agreement, Shooting USA will dedicate five shows of the TV series to Cowboy Action Shooting.

Jim Scoutten, Executive Producer of the long-running gun series, said "This agreement is a natural for us.  SASS Cowboy Action Shooting is the fastest growing shooting sport in the nation.  With more than 75,000 active members participating in hundreds of local clubs, there's a significant audience that wants to see more of the sport on TV. We're pleased Cimarron Firearms and Brownell's have signed-on to help make that possible."

Ken Amorosano, SASS Marketing Director, said "This is a very good agreement for SASS that will keep our sport growing. Jim Scoutten is the most experienced shooting sports reporter in the business. He's a life member of SASS and understands the appeal of Cowboy Action Shooting and the impact the Single Action Shooting Society has had on family shooting sports. Thanks to the support of Cimarron Firearms and Pete Brownell, there will be a lot more of that appeal on TV this season."

Scoutten said Brownell's and Cimarron Firearms will be show sponsors for the expanded SASS coverage. "We're working out which regional events will be covered in the shows. End of Trail, SASS' World Championship, is definitely included and will appear on The Outdoor Channel this week.

We're planning to cover the SASS Convention in Las Vegas with the first-ever indoor shooting competition,"   Scoutten said.  "And I'm particularly interested in the North East regional competition with folks dressed like Old West gunfighters speaking with New York and Boston accents. It's just one more indication of the world-wide appeal of the sport."

Shooting USA Television will be the exclusive sports TV show to cover the selected SASS events. "We think selecting one show to produce professional coverage of our sport is the right choice," Amorosano said. "We know we'll get that kind of coverage with Shooting USA."

Shooting USA Television appears national-wide on The Outdoor Channel and is produced by Tier One Media, LLC of Franklin, TN.

SASS is the governing body of Cowboy Action Shooting with more than 75,000 members world-wide.

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