Midland Weather Radios

32-09-16Any of Midland’s affordable weather radios could save your life. The inexpensive units receive NOAA weather alerts anywhere across the country. And it’s not just weather warnings, but any other emergency you need to know about like a biological attack by terrorists or a nuclear plant accident. In each case the radios silently monitor the frequency until an alert is broadcasted then they announce the threat in your area with instructions on taking cover.

The smallest radio, the HH50, is tiny enough for backwoods hunters, who are likely out of cell range, to stick in their pockets’ and it runs for days on three AAA batteries.

The next smallest radio is a rechargeable model and is the smallest you can program to hear alerts just for the county you are in at the time.

Next is an alarm clock version that fits nicely on any nightstand.

And then an alarm clock weather alert radio that adds AM-FM entertainment, until there’s an alert.

And lastly a prepper model, ER102, with all those features plus a flashlight and a hand crank for power backup in case of a disaster that takes out your power.

All of the larger models, you can program not only for your county, but what emergencies you want to be alerted to. All of these are available almost anywhere. You can most likely find them in your local supermarket, drug store, or sporting goods store. And every one is under $60.

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BLACKHAWK! Diversion Bags

32-08-14For those of you with nervous neighbors, or let’s just say, for people who don’t need to know when we’re moving firearms to and from the range. BLACKHAWK! Diversion Bags are now in the market. One model makes it look like you’re on the way for a game of tennis. There are two padded compartments inside. Pull both pins on your Modern Sporting Rifle and the upper and lower fit fine. It will also work with your take-down shotgun. This is the weekend hike version that would be great for hunters, the Diversion Carry Board Pack. And there’s a workout bag, that’s really a range bag. All are constructed of 420 velocity nylon and heavily padded to protect your firearm. The pack is $145. The racquet pack is $65 in various colors. And the Diversion Workout bag is $175. When people don’t need to know what you’re packing, think BLACKHAWK!  BLACKHAWK Link

Smith & Wesson M&P Range Kit

32-08-13Smith & Wesson has been supporting and promoting IDPA competition for years and here’s one way they’re doing it. The Smith & Wesson Range Kit is a ready to compete kit with everything you need to compete. There’s an M&P9 version and also a .40 cal range kit. Each kit starts with the four and a quarter inch M&P with low profile white dot sights. It includes three magazines, which is the maximum you can use in IDPA. And you get a Bladetech IDPA legal holster and mag pouch. And for convenience, there’s even an UpLULA magazine loader to save your thumb. There are two versions of each kit. A standard 9mm that comes with 17 round mags. There’s also a 10 round version for states with capacity limits. Either way, you’ll load 10 rounds to start a stage in IDPA. The Smith & Wesson Range Kit, everything you need in one box at a suggested retail price of $609.
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