Julie Golob - Four C’s for Choosing a Conceal Carry Gun


Choosing a concealed carry firearm can be difficult, given there are so many carry options to consider. An easy way to remember them are the four C’s of concealed carry: Caliber, Capacity, Comfort, and Controls.



Let’s talk about caliber. The larger the caliber, the more stopping power, but that generally limits how many bullets you can carry in the firearm. I have three examples of different types of firearms to show you capacity. The first one is a J-frame revolver. It only holds five rounds.



Next, we have an M&P Shield in 9mm that can hold between seven and eight rounds. And finally, an M&P Compact that can hold up to 12 rounds.





Another thing to consider is how comfortable it’s going to be for you to carry this firearm. Now, the J-Frame revolver is very light weight, has rounded corners, and is very easy to conceal in a holster, a vest, a purse, or an ankle holster. The M&P Shield is also very easy to conceal, because it is as slim as the revolver. Now, the Compact gets a little tricky, because it’s a lot thicker than the Shield. That makes it more difficult for someone with a smaller frame to carry easily.





Finally, you’ll want to consider the firearms controls. It doesn’t get any simpler than the revolver. This is the cylinder release button. It opens and closes the cylinder. You just have to aim for the target with either the sights or the laser and pull the trigger.



The M&P Compact is very similar to the revolver. All you have to do is pull the trigger, except it’s a semi-auto. So the slide is going to move back and forth while you’re shooting. Also, you’ll need to be able to reach the slide release button. This will allow you to lock the slide to the rear.



Similar to the Compact, the M&P Shield is another semi-auto. Its slide is going to move back and forth, but it also has an external safety. You need to be able to reach it to turn it off and on.



When it comes to choosing the right conceal carry for you, remember the 4 C’s: Caliber, Capacity, Comfort, and Controls. Use this information to make the best decision for your carry gun. 





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