Julie Golob – Target Transition Drill

22 shooting isn’t just fun and economical, it's also a great tool to help you learn to shoot faster. I am going to go over a quick and easy target-to-target transition drill that will help you improve your speed.


For this drill I am using an M & P 15-22 and it's really simple. I’ve set up two targets at five yards, with five feet in between them. And the drill is going to be with my shot timer.


I have a three second delay and then I have a par time of five seconds. My goal is to transition from target to target within five seconds, five shots.


Now if you don’t happen to have a shot timer, that’s ok. Just do a simple search on your phone and the app store will take care of you.

Now, there are two ways to shoot this drill, a slow way and a fast way.


Let’s talk about the slow way first. This happens when you try to maintain a perfect sight picture on each target as you swing through. It's almost like your body acts like a turret and it's always going to be slower, because you are trying to maintain something perfect throughout.



The fast way is to get that sight on target and lead with your eyes. So see it, shoot, lead, move, see it, shoot, lead, move. This way you are bringing the sights to your line of sight and it is always going to be faster.

Let’s shoot it in live fire. With practice you will develop muscle memory, and those sights will appear into view even faster, and that’s when the real speed happens.

Now at some point this drill is going to be easy for you and that’s ok. That’s when you take the targets back farther, spread them out, maybe make the targets smaller; but the point of the drill is to remember to maintain that pinpoint accuracy as well as working on the skill of leading with your eyes first.


Now the good news is this drill not just for carbines. You can also do this with pistols as well. With a handgun, because you’ve taken away a point of contact, it may be more challenging to move the gun efficiently.


There you have it, five in five at five, a simple two-target drill that will help you improve your target to target transition speed, give it a try and always be safe and have fun.






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