Julie Golob – Speed on Target

Probably the number one question I get as a Pro Shooter is how do I shoot faster, so in this Pro-Tip we are going to discuss how to increase your speed on target.


To do that, everything is going to begin from the low ready. We are also going to go in slow motion to really build up muscle memory.


We are going to start out in the low ready and slowly bring the gun to the target and, at this point, we will start to see the front sight, and that’s when everything will start to line up, and we can really focus from sights to target quickly.




My focus is on the target and then my front sight comes into view with the rear sight nestling in place so that I have a perfect sight picture on the center of the target. The beauty of this is you can repeat this slowly, over and over again, in dry fire each time, to build up the muscle memory to help you learn this skill.  

You can also do it in live fire. I am going to do this with single shot drills on target, really focusing on picking up the front sight when I need to, letting all of the sight picture line up so that it is going to be a great shot on the target.

Let's give it a try.


As I shoot, I acquire the sights quicker each time and this is how you can really push that speed.

Now that we know what to see, let's talk about what we need to feel, specifically with trigger reset.  

I am going to show clear.  And now, instead of letting my finger fly off the face of the trigger each time I shoot, I am only going to reset the trigger as much as necessary.

To do that, we squeeze, pull the slide back to the rear keeping that trigger depressed, and reset the trigger only as far as necessary, and squeeze again.

So again pull back, release, pull back, release.



Now on firearms like this M&P 2.0 you’ll be able to feel that reset and hear it.  


You can practice this in dry fire at home, but I also have a drill for you that you can take to the range.

Here’s a simple six shot drill that will help you bring all of those things together, what to see and what to feel.


I’ve set a target up at seven yards. I am simply going to shoot from the low ready, six shots. I am going to focus on seeing that front sight lift and resetting that trigger every single time.

I am going to go on my own go and shoot as quickly as you need to.

Now the beauty of this drill is that you don’t even need a timer. You can let your target dictate your speed. What do I mean?

Well, all of those center hits, those are good.

But as soon as I slipped out side that means I was pushing my speed a little too much. So see it, feel it, and shoot it.

And until next time be safe and have fun.







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