Julie Golob – The Carry Gun Draw

A smooth and efficient draw is an important skill if you are going to be carrying a firearm. In today’s pro-tip I will be using a new Smith and Wesson M 2.0 Shield in nine millimeter to show you step-by-step how to get a good draw to hit your target.


We are going to break it down, so first and foremost, we are going to talk about the first step, moving both hands to the gun.  

As you’ll notice I have an outside the waist band holster for my shield, and this is going to make it really easy for me to access the firearm.


I am going to move to the gun with my strong hand and at the same time I am going to bring my support hand to my chest flat so that it stays out of the way when I draw the pistol.



Once your strong hand has a good high secure grip on the gun, you can clear it from the holster, and begin to move it down range, making sure the muzzle is pointed down range at all times.

Notice my trigger finger is nice and straight outside the trigger guard. This is very, very important for the draw, until we get to the next step.


We are going to join our hands together and get a good support hand grip on the firearm.

My focus is going to be on the target. As I extend out towards the target my front sight is going to come into view as well as the rear sight, so everything will line up. And I can place my finger on the trigger and shoot.



Now let's show you what it's like for appendix carry.

With an appendix position holster that is going to be inside the waist band, things can get a little bit more complicated for you as a shooter because the gun is going to sit so much closer to your body.

In order to get a good grip you may need to modify how you grab the gun. In this case I am going be changing-up. Instead of just seating the web of my hand on the back of the gun like outside the waist band holster, now I am going to dig with my thumb, pull, to get a good grip, and extend on target like so.

Many people practice one shot draws on the range in order to perfect their draw, but you really should incorporate a few more rounds into the process. And in today’s drill I am going to show you the Mozambique where you shoot two to the center mass and one to the head, so two quick shots to the body and one precise shot to the head to make sure that you have a good grip and you are hitting the target as you need to.

I am going to do that from the appendix inside the waist band holster, as well as the outside the waist band holster to show you.

Regardless of where you carry or what type of holster you use, it's important that you get a good firing grip with your strong hand before the firearm clears the holster. Practice the simple drill on the range and until next time be safe and have fun.







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