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Pro Tip: K&M’s Shannon Kay - Standing Barricade Positions

Shooting from a standing barricade position is a challenge many shooters will face in today’s precision rifle competitions.

In today’s Pro-Tip we are going to review the fundamentals. We are going to maximize your accuracy and we are going to dispel some common misconceptions. Shooting from a non-prone position is going to require extra care and preparation.

As we build our position, when we are shooting from a standing barricade position, it all begins with a stable platform. We are replacing our front bi-pod and we want to use a heavy rear bag similar to this.

You can see that the rifle is already generally self-stabilized. Now we need to apply the proper fundamentals as we get down and apply the shot.



KM2018-1-Barricade-8The shooter wants to get square behind the gun, we want to minimize our natural point of aim errors, even in a standing position, so my shoulder and my body is square.

I will let the bag support the gun and then I am going to shoulder it. That shoulder is going to introduce some muscle movement. That is a violation of the fundamentals and we want to reduce that.



I will take my non-firing hand and just gently guide it on the gun, my firing hand is just controlling the gun, not aiming the gun. It is just guiding the gun so I will have a correct and proper trigger pull straight to the rear.



Next, I will align my sights. As I align my sights it will tell me how good my position is, compared to the shot I am about to take. If I have a significant amount of movement then the shot is going to be a low percentage shot.


If I apply my fundamentals and still shoulder the gun with the proper amount of muscle tension, then I am able to manage the recoil, and call my shot and follow through properly.

With the introduction of the heavy front bag, it has allowed the precision rifle shooter to establish much more stable positions. However, as a result, we are seeing a lot more fundamental errors and we want to address one misconception.


That misconception is what we call free recoil.

Free Recoil essentially allows the gun to fire without any input or any management from the shooter. That’s troublesome.

It’s troublesome because it ignores other fundamentals, or compromises those fundamentals. Those fundamentals are steady position, recoil management, and most importantly follow through.

The precision rifle shooter needs to follow through so the shooter can account for every single round down range. Whether it’s a hit or a miss, he or she needs to evaluate their wind call, where they hit on the target, and make those adjustments for the next and subsequent shots.

So shooters, when you’re out on the range, and you’re experimenting, see what works for you, apply all of the fundamentals in an equal fashion, and don’t compromise one over the other.

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