.22 Precision Shooting Skills

Today Iím brushing up on my precision shooting skills. The targets that I am practicing here are for the Masters Precision Event, which is a similar event to Bullseye shooting. Itís one-handed shooting at 25 and 50 meters.  And that requires a totally different shooting technique than a two-handed hold that you would use for a match like Sportsman Team Challenge, or just plinking in your back yard with a two-handed hold.


Let me show you what I mean.

  • The most important thing on the one-handed bullseye stance is your feet position
  • I like to have mine about shoulder width apart and at about a 45-degree angle to the target bank. 

Now another key factor here is having good shoes. 

  • You need something with a flat sole, wide sole and something thatís comfortable.  I
  • donít really recommend anything with a high heel or anything like that to keep you off balance.


The next thing you want to set up is your natural point of aim.  Very similar to the two-handed shooting for speed shooting.

  • You want to adjust yourself up, bring the gun up and wherever you are you want to be in the middle of the target bank.
  • So you want to adjust your feet to right where you are in the middle, so you have a smooth transition.
  • Now, if you were just shooting at one single target in bullseye, you would just set up on that target to make sure that you didnít use any wasted energy trying to move the gun over while you are trying to hold and work the shot. 


The next thing weíll talk about is trigger control.  One of the most important aspects of precision shooting, to me, is the trigger control. Let me clear this out and show you what Iím talking about. 

  • The first thing I like to do is -- I get the gun up and start aiming at the target, get it on the target as best I can.
  • Then, I start to apply pressure on the trigger and try to take up about a third of the trigger pull weight immediately.


Then I try to finalize the aiming process by holding the gun on the target as best I can.

  • Now sometimes itís not even going to stay on the target the whole time but, you do the best you can, get the target in the middle of your hold or your wobble zone. 
  • Once Iíve done that Iím gonna finish the trigger squeeze. Nice and smooth. And try to keep things as still as possible.

Now I hope this helps whether youíre plinking in the backyard or when youíre gonna give some bullseye competition a try.




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