Multiple Shots on Multiple Targets

Now that youíve had a chance to work on your draw, your grip and your stance, weíre going to talk about a couple of other issues here. First multiple shots on one target.  A lot of people think that a double tap is just lining up the gun on the target and hammering two shots as fast as they can, when in reality itís actually two sighted shots. Even if it may be fast, the splits in between may be quick, itís still two sight pictures that youíre seeing and calling the shots.


Let me demonstrate.  So youíre seeing two sight alignments which makes it really critical when you start adding in multiple targets. 

The next component youíre going to see in IPSC shooting or speed shooting is multiple shots on multiple targets. What I like to do here is, even though you are watching your sights,  immediately after you fire the second shot on a target, get your eyes to the next target as quickly as possible and then see the gun come on to that target.

Those are the key things. You donít want to just be looking at the first target the whole time or watching your sights the whole time. Itís kind of a focus change from sights to the target back and forth.  Let me demonstrate that. 



Now watch my eyes as I shoot this again. Watch how my eyes move from target to target.  The keys to remember are, make sure you have constant sight pictures.  You want to be calling each shot and making sure youíre seeing sight pictures for each shot and then getting your eyes to the next target as quickly as possible. And repeat from target to target. 


And Iíll have some more tips for you next time.



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