Shooting Around Barricades

As you have been watching TV coverage of the Bianchi Cup, you may have wondered what are the guys in Open Class doing, shooting off the barricade? Well in Open Class we are allowed to grab hold of both the barricade and the gun to help stabilize the shooting position. 

Most Open Class shooters use wings on the rings or on the gun to help lock it in and some opt for a finger lug, like I do. Now the trick here, for a right handed shooter on the right hand side of the barricade, is to draw, transfer the gun into the weak hand and then youíre actually grabbing and locking the gun on the barricade with your strong hand. This enables a super stable shooting position to shoot all Xís on the barricade stage.  But this technique doesnít work in the Stock Gun division because you are not allowed to touch the barricade. Thatís a whole different set of challenges.

Iíve got my Performance Center stock gun for Bianchi in 38 Super and I am going to show you some of the tips on how to shoot effectively off the barricade with a stock firearm. The key here is to start at the beginning.

You have to make sure you have a solid, firm grip and then a stable stance and foot position inside the box because you are going to have to lean your body out.


You want to keep the gun level, you donít want it to be canted, you want it to be straight up and down.  Thatís  so the recoil of the gun is straight up and down, and the tracking of the front side is as straight up and down as possible.  With the gun straight the recoil will come right into your body and give you a good recovery for each shot.  Let me show you how to do this.

Now that weíve got the easy side out of the way for right handed shooters, letís tackle the left side which is the most difficult because you always feel a little more off balance shooting around the left side. What I like to do is keep my left foot about 6 inches in front of the right, right up against the edge of the box, make sure I have a little flex in my knee so I can stay square to the target. Let me show you this at full speed.  I hope this will help with the barricades you find in any type of shooting whether itís IDPA, IPSC or Bianchi. 

And Iíll have some more tips for you next time.



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