Shooting on the Move

The next tip I want to show you is what you will encounter in IPSC and some Steel shooting, is multiple shooting boxes.  Here I have two boxes laid out approximately 6 feet apart, which for me is going to be a two-to-three step move.  The technique I use here is I try to keep the gun up as I am moving across from box to box and be aiming at the next target as I am stepping in and firing. 

Iíll show you this.  Now if youíre watching closely you could see that, as I move from box A to box B, I kept the gun up aiming at the target as I stepped into the box. Another key factor here is the trailing foot, depending on the difficulty of the target, you can be firing the shot as it comes up off the ground or just as itís coming into the box. Now letís watch that again. 

The next thing I want to show you is how to move from box A to box B when the distance is farther than two-to-three steps.  When you have a long distance to go and then set up to shoot the targets.  The first thing you are going to see is my hand is going to come off the gun, the gun is going to come down and I am going to move hard to the target. Your main objective here is to ďhaul assĒ. Thatís all youíve got do here, from A to B, is make time.

Get here as quick as you can. Get into the box and have a quick set up, as fast as possible. Letís watch this at full speed. 

Itís good to have both of these techniques mastered because the course design is going to dictate which one you are going to use.  And itís going to be your ability to adapt and use the one thatís perfect for the situation.  Iíll have some more tips for you next time.   



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