Adam Painchaud on the Ankle Carry

Why choose the ankle holster? Because it’s a great option for concealed carry. Obviously, it is concealable if you are wearing the appropriate equipment. It’s a great option especially if you are tucked in.


One big thing to consider with an ankle holster is a good quality comfortable ankle rig. You buy a cheap ankle holster and you are not going to wear it very long and it’s not going to be comfortable at all. So you want something that is going to be comfortable. I like something that is neoprene with some fuzzy stuff underneath. That is going to be comfortable on my ankle for a long period of time and obviously, custom fit for this gun.


And you need to think about a gun that is going to be appropriately sized for this option. In this case, I am carrying a Sig Sauer P938 9mm, which is an appropriately sized ankle gun.


So now we get into how to get that thing out of the holster. So obviously, that is going to be a training issue. I am typically used to drawing out of my hip holster. I’ve got a gun way down there. Now how to get into that?


First technique that I want to get into is simply bringing my leg up to my body. So to do that, I am going to bring my strong side leg, my strong side knee up to my body, reach over the gun, pull the pant leg up just enough to clear the butt of the gun.


At that point I am accessing my gun, breaking any retention I have, stepping down and I am ready to go.


That way I can maintain mobility and I have both feet on the ground, and I am upright, and I can shoot like I normally do. So that’s the first technique and probably my favorite technique because I can maintain that mobility.


Another technique that works out pretty well, especially if you have balance issues, or if you want to get down behind something; is going to involve basically taking a lunge to get the gun out.

So let’s kind of break that one down a little bit. All I am going to do is to step forward with my gun side foot; in this case it's on my left.


So I am going to step forward with my gun side foot, now at this point I am going to grab my pant leg over my gun, and lift it up to clear the butt of the gun.


At this point, as I draw the gun, I am dropping down to a knee, clearing leather, and presenting out to the target. Pretty simple.


So there are a couple of techniques to get your ankle gun out of your ankle holster. We suggest you practice both of them to see which one is going to work best for you, because you never know what type of situation you are going to find yourself in.




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