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Olympic Optical Donates Smith & Wesson Shooting Glasses to US Troops in Iraq

Memphis, TN:  Olympic Optical Company has shipped 200 pairs of Smith & Wesson Magnum shooting glasses to the soldiers of B Company of the 2nd Battalion, 69th Armored Regiment, who are currently hunting terrorists Northwest of Baghdad. 


The gift followed a request to buy 200 pairs of glasses by Jim Scoutten, host and Executive Producer of the Shooting USA Television Series. Scoutten’s second son, Michael, is a Corporal and Team Leader serving with B Company.  Mike Scoutten had sent an e-mail message home that his company was trying to find eye protection for the troops.  The army issues goggles to the infantry for protection from wind and sand, but not ballistic quality safety glasses to protect from shrapnel and the threat of IEDs—Improvised Explosive Devices.


Jim Scoutten says he immediately contacted Winston Wolfe, president of Olympic Optical, who licenses the Smith & Wesson name to produce sport shooting glasses.  “I’ve known Winston for a number of years because of Smith & Wesson’s involvement as a sponsor of our television series,” Scoutten said, “but Winston wouldn’t accept my money.  He wouldn’t even let me pay the shipping costs to send the glasses to Iraq through the Army mail service.”

Scoutten said he also learned this is not the first time Olympic Optical has given shooting glasses to troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“Corporal Mike Scoutten has now had a very large mail call at B Company’s forward operating base. Mike writes that everybody in the company now has eye protection and his buddies all think the S&W Magnum glasses look pretty cool,” Scoutten said.

S&W Magnum Glasses are available nation-wide in gun shops and at major sporting goods chains.

“Next time a sportsman goes shopping for shooting glasses, I want everybody to know which company is supporting our troops.”  Scoutten said.

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