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Allan Jernigan with the Grand

With the rising price of factory ammo, there’s never been a better time to consider loading your own rounds. So we’re taking you through all the forms of reloading, or hand-loading as it’s sometimes called. But it’s not just about saving money on ammo. Reloading can increase accuracy and performance over factory rounds. RCBS Factory Expert, Allan Jernigan joins us in the gun room to load rifle, pistol and shotshell. 

CAUTION: This information does not apply to loading Black Powder Cartridge. Explosions and Injury may occur if Black Powder is substituted for Smokeless Powder!

Always consult a recognized loading manual for recommended powder and component measurements.


Single Stage Press
This is the batch process most often used by long distance rifle shooters to improve accuracy by adjusting the cartridge to precisely fit the chamber of their individual rifle with precision measured loads of powder. The objective is not to save money, but to perfect the accuracy and reduce the size of groups on target.

    Process steps:

      • Inspect Cases
      • Lube Cases
      • Size and expand
      • Case Trimming and Prep
      • Prime
      • Powder
      • Bullet Seating to Chamber

Progressive Press
This is loading for high volume shooters, like competitors in IPSC, NRA Action Pistol, Bullseye, and Three Gun. Progressive Press loading can be rifle or pistol cartridges and can be done with high precision to improve accuracy and achieve required velocity at different temperature and altitudes. There are significant cost savings in reloading for a high volume shooter.

    Process Steps

      • Clean Cases
      • Inspect for cracks and wear
      • Prepare Primer Feed Strips, feed into Machine
      • Load Powder in Hopper
      • Set Powder Load to Manual Recommendation
      • Operate Press feeding Cases and Bullets

Shotshell Press
This is money saving reloading for the Trap, Skeet and Sporting Clays shooter. Set-up for the RCBS Grand is done at the factory to reload regulation 12 Gauge 2 3/4 inch shells for competition. The machine can be adjusted to load other sizes and shot.

    Process Steps

      • Load Shot in Hopper
      • Load Powder in Hopper
      • Load Primers in Tray
      • Operate the Press
      • Feed Hulls and Shot Wads
      • Go Shoot




Blackhawk Knives

SI27-01-1The Crucible is a folder with a spear point stainless blade. It’s a liner lock design for positive one hand operation. The scales are textured and the shape gives a man-sized hand a grip you can put serious force behind. Suggested Retail $200

The Keeting Hornet from Masters of Defense, part of the Blackhawk Products Group. The Hornet is designed by James Keeting, an authority on edged weapons tactics. The three-inch blade is high carbon stainless with a black tungsten coating. The handle is anodized aluminum with a no-slip insert. Suggested Retail $190 

The CQD Mark Five fixed blade is a full service combat knife. The blade is precision ground from tool steel and coated with black tungsten. The handle is glass filled nylon with a steel striking plate that acts as a hammer. Suggested Retail $320

More Info on Blackhawk Knives. 

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