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Project Tack Driver,
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Sighting In with Shooting USA – Project Tack Driver, Shooting Groups

Now we’re Sighting In on the first shots for the Project 700 tack driver. How does it group with factory ammo. Then Allan Jernigan helps us tighten up the groups by loading custom ammo matched to the chamber.

SI27-05-1If you have been following our project tack driver rifle build up, it’s time to find out how we’ve done, rebuilding an abused Remington 700 long action chambered in 7mm Magnum. We’ve got a new Shilen barrel, the action has been squared by Rocky our gunsmith, we’ve added a new stock that’s contoured to float the barrel. and we mounted the Trijicon Accupoint scope and bore sighted it on the bench.

John has the honors of breaking-in the barrel and then shooting the first group.

The Break In Process—using bullets to burnish the rifling.

    ? Clean with dry patch.
    ? First Shot 
    ? Clean with brush and solvent followed by dry patch
    ? Two Shots
    ? Repeat the cleaning process, first the brush and solvent followed by the dry patch
    ? Three shots and another cleaning.
    ? Then clean every five shots until the rifle has been fired fifty times.

Shooting the first record shots prints a 3/4 inch group at 100 yards—3/4 MOA accuracy.

Tightening the group with custom ammo:
We start the custom fitting process by taking the cases that John shot at the range and measuring them in the precision mic. This gives us a dimension that we can use in adjusting the sizer die to bump the shoulder back just two-thousandths of an inch from the expansion of the case as it fired in the chamber. The two-thousandths set back makes sure we can close the bolt on the new custom rounds.

Next we use the free-bore tool that come with the precision mic. Close the bolt on the tool and it takes a reading where the bearing surface of the bullet comes into contact with the lands of the rifle. Read the dimension in the precision mic.

SI25-09-3Transfer the dimension to the bullet seating die and, through trial and measurement, adjust the seat die to set the bullet depth 10-thousandths less than the original measurement, to keep the bullets in our custom cartridges from touching the lands in the barrel.

The results at the range—a group of touching holes spanning half an inch—1/2 MOA Accuracy.



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Hyskore Dangerous Game Machine Rest

SI27-05-3The Dangerous game machine rest from Hyskore the safe way to test accuracy with any rifle from rimfire up to the .50 BMG.

Unlike some other recoil reduction rests on the market that use lead weights, the Hyskore SI27-05-6machine rest uses a selection of hydraulic cylinders to absorb recoil without the risk of breaking the stock on the rifle. And the Dangerous Game Machine Rest will return to zero when fired. It uses a hydraulic trigger release or optional infrared electronic release. 
Suggested Retail: $249

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The Savage model 110 in 30.06

SI27-05-4The model 110 employs the patented Accutrigger adjustable trigger system. The trigger safety allows for pull adjustment down under a pound, which would be too dangerous for hunting in the field, but is safe with the Accutrigger release in the center of the trigger.
The model 110 rifle is part of a combo package with the one-to-nine variable Simmons scope mounted and ready to shoot.
Retail Price for the combo, about $580.

Savage Arms

Smith and Wesson 500ES Emergency Survival Kit

SI27-05-5It’s the 500 Magnum with a two-and-three-quarter-inch barrel. This is what you want when your charter plane goes down in bear country. The mighty X frame is outfitted with an orange Hogue recoil reduction grip in an attempt to make this monster somewhat manageable. Also included in the waterproof storm case is a flint fire-starter block, saber saw, whistle, signal mirror, compass, space blankets, a S&W extreme ops folding knife, and a book on bear attacks for your light reading pleasure, while looking over your shoulder to see if you’ve caught the interest of a Grizzly.

The 500ES Bear Country Survival Kit Retails for $1,400.

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Scope Coat Custom Rifle Covers

SI27-05-7New from Scope Coat: full coverage rifle covers made of the same high-grade neoprene that Scope Coat uses in their optic covers. These can be custom ordered to match the dimensions of your rifle, with or without a mounted scope.

And they’re available in new colors, Coyote Brown and Dark Earth.

Scope Coat has standard patterns available for lever guns, or they’ll make a custom rifle cover from the measurements you provide when ordering. The price will be about $50 for the ultimate in custom rifle protection. 

For Custom Orders Contact Scope Coat at 1-877-726-7328 (toll free)


The Zippered Scope Coat Cover

Designed for removable optics that need to be protected when off the firearms and stowed. Made of heavy, 6mm Neoprene. Retail Price $30.





The Lady’s Scope Coat Covers

Made in some wilder colors and patterns. Check Scope Coat website for flashy protection for your optic.




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