Sighting In on
Women on Target


Sighting In on Women on Target

SI25-02-1Women are the future of the shooting sports. They decide if the children in the family will participate in Trap or Target Shooting and they decide if there will be a gun in the house. That’s why the NRA is holding Women on Target clinics around the country to make it possible for women to try shooting, with no men allowed. We’re sneaking in to bring you the story.

From the time guys are 5 years old, running around with red ryder bb guns, guys know about guns. After all, we’re guys. Guys know this stuff!

The problem is women don’t.  They don’t know about the shooting sports when they vote and they don’t know about shooting as a sport they might enjoy. And it turns out, guys are really bad teachers for women.

SI25-02-2That’s the reason for the Women on Target program, organized by the NRA, to create a women only experience with guns. Many of the women attending the events have never had the opportunity to actually try the shooting and hunting sports. Many didn’t grow up in homes that have a shooting and hunting tradition. So the NRA is reaching out to these women to give them the opportunity to come and learn about the events. It’s an event when it’s just all of them together and husbands aren’t looking over their shoulders. It’s a fun women’s day out at the range.

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