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Sighting In with Shooting USA - Inside Trijicon

SI27-08-3We’re taking you inside the Michigan factory for the full story on the nuclear powered sighting system that’s now supplied to every Marine and to the Army.

If you watch the news and see the images of our fighting men and women from around the world it is almost certain that you have seen a Trijicon ACOG. If you are a regular viewer of our show you’ve seen Trijicon sights in competition events we cover.

But the ACOG that’s now in such demand by the military wasn’t the first of the products.

SI27-08-1It was, glow in the dark, night sights, giving off light from tiny glass vials filled with Radioactive Tritium Gas, so small that the ladies doing the assembly work with tweezers and tooth picks to glue the aluminum tubes, holding the glass vials, into the steel sights.

The tritium will keep them glowing for 20 years, but the surprise is that they can do this work at all, because it required a license from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission that was anti-gun. Trijicon had to sue the Commission to gain the right to use Tritium in their sights.

Later would come the invention of the ACOG – Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight. And it would be a new approach to an optics system, folding the light path like the inside of a binocular. But before the ACOG, nobody had thought of moving the prism to adjust the reticule, the method that also allow the reticule to be lit by ambient light or by the tritium capsule, passed to the prism by fiber optics.

SI27-08-2The battle tested ACOG is now in such demand, the machinists working the T-6 aluminum forgings man their CNC machines in 12 hour shifts, running production around the clock. Their motto: Eliminating Terrorism in Any Light.

Then we’re taking you to a Trijicon Training Session to learn how the ACOG is set up and used in combat and competition. The sight is designed for both-eyes-open shooting, known as the Bindon Aiming Concept, or BAC.


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The Waterfowl and Turkey Combo Shotgun from Escort

SI27-08-4This is the standard Escort semi-auto action chambered for three-inch magnum twelve gauge shells. There is also a twenty-gauge version.

The combo comes with two barrels: a 28-inch barrel for wing shooting and a 24-inch barrel for turkey hunting. Both have the Escort multi choke system and come with, full, modified improved cylinder chokes, and both barrels have a full-length vented rib.

The stock is built from Escorts weather beating advance polymer and is then coated in mossy oak obsession camo. There are Hi-Viz sights on both barrels, and the fiber optic inserts are interchangeable to fine-tune your sight picture. There are three recoil pads and stock shims included to adjust the length of pull. 

Suggested Retail: $599

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