Sighting In on the
.338 Federal Cartridge


Sighting In with Shooting USA - The .338 Federal Cartridge

SI27-09-1We’re starting with the inside story of the first rifle cartridge ever to carry the Federal name, the new .338 Federal round that produces belted magnum performance from the 308 case.

Hand loaders have made all kinds of different cartridges out of the 30-06. And they have done a lot of different things with the .308 case. We call them wildcats rounds.


SI27-09-2But when an ammo company creates a new round and puts their name on it, then you have to pay attention, especially when it’s a company with the resources of ATK. They’ve created the 338 Federal round to get belted magnum performance from the 308 case and at the price of 308 ammo.

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