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SI27-10-2Cowboy Action Shooting
We're getting you started in the fastest growing shooting sport with an explanation of the game and the scoring. Plus we've got a wide selection of guns that are approved for Cowboy Action Shooting competition that are available in a wide range of prices.

Cowboy Action Shooting is the most phenomenal success story in the shooting sports of all time.  25 years ago a club of IPSC shooters asked the question. What if we shot an action match with Old West guns? That was the start of the Single Action Shooting Society, that now counts more than 65 thousand members shooting matches in hundreds of local clubs across the country.  It’s action shooting with pistol, rifle and shotgun, in the tradition of the heroes of the silver screen like Roy and Gene and the Cisco Kid. It’s a step back in time to the ideals of the cowboy way of straight talking and straight shooting.

SI27-10-3A Total Experience
This shooting sport is not just about the shooting. The sport is 50 percent shooting and 50 percent dressing the part and playing the role. The manufacturers have brought back the products of the period and recreated them to what they were in the late 1800s. 

The Rules
The rules allow original firearms or accurate reproductions of models produced prior to 1898.

In addition to authentic dress and firearms, shooters must also adopt an alias. 

Each alias is registered with SASS, so there is only one ”Sundown Jones”, or one “Evil Roy” or “Ten Ring”.

The stages of fire are typically based on scenarios from old west folklore or famous scenes from the silver screen. Most stages require the use of 4 guns -- 2 single action revolvers, a rifle, and a shotgun. Some may add derringers and side matches frequently include longer range shooting with black powder cartridge rifles from the buffalo hunter period of our history. All targets are reactive, usually steel, and they are set at close to medium ranges. The idea is that all skill levels of shooters should be able to play this game.

Scoring is by electronic timer with penalty seconds added for missing a target.

There are a number of classes and categories for shooters, for both men, women, juniors and seniors. No matter who you are, there is a place for you in cowboy action shooting.

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Colt Single Action Army
45 LC  $1200

Colt Link


Cimarron Navy Conversion
44 Colt $795


Navy Arms [front to back]
Gunfighter   .357 mag.   $479
Single Action  32 WCF  $479
Scout 38 Colt or S&W special $479


EMF  [front to back]
Great Western 2  “Californian” 44/40  $435
Great Western 2  Stainless .357 mag.  $625


1875 Outlaw  45 LC $435


Uberti Cattleman 45 LC $450

Cattleman Link


Vaquero 45 LC  $550

Ruger Link


Legacy Sports International
M-92 Puma Rifle from $599

Puma Link



Coach Gun 12 gauge $369


EMF[front to back]
1873 Blued 45 LC $900
1892 Stainless 45LC  $900


Navy Arms
1873 long barrel 45 LC  $1100

Dressing Up

SI27-10-1All prices are End of Trail specials.

Guns - Cimarron Model P in 45 colt- $1,000 for the pair 

Hat - Western Derby $125 dollars

Holster and Belt Combo - Competition Rig from "El Paso Saddlery" - $235

Clothing from "Classic Old West Styles"

    Clothing - $65 total: shirt, pants and suspenders sold together at End of Trail

    Vest - $65 dollars

Boots- from "Texas Jack"



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