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SI25-03-1This time we’re Sighting In with new shooters in USPSA competition. What’s it like being one of the newest competitors to try Practical Shooting? We’re in Georgia with a class to find out. Then three of our guys shoot a match with a local USPSA club and prove you don’t have to be fast to have fun.

We’re taking you to a New Shooter’s Clinic at one of the best USPSA shooting clubs in the nation. We’ll show you what it’s like, learning to be the newest competitors in the extreme sport of run and gun handgun shooting. And show you what you might expect starting out with your local club.

SI25-03-2Eric Lund is the volunteer instructor for a half-day of classroom explanation of the rules and requirements for USPSA shooting. Eric’s Presentation takes the class through a complete explanation of range procedures, the rules, the scoring, and the safety requirements. The afternoon is one-on-one work with the guns starting with the grip.  The additional Instructors are experienced shooters with the Gwinette Practical Shooting League who have volunteered to help start these new shooters with the right fundamentals, the proper grip, the right sight picture, and how to show the gun is clear at the end of a run through a stage. The final step is running the new shooters through a small stage of fire to get them used to shooting against the timer.

Day two for the class puts them into their first IPSC competition, the first time on a stage of fire with the timer running and targets set to challenge their new skills

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The Guys Try Their First Match



John, Mike and Greg try their skill for bragging rights. It’s a monthly match with the members of The North Tennessee Practical Shooters, a USPSA club with a home range outside Nashville. The guys are shooting for bragging rights in the production division.

Their Guns and Gear

Smith & Wesson M&P 9

Blade Tech Millennium Holster

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    Julie Goloski on Dry Fire
    Julie shows you how much you can learn without ever firing a shot.

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