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Sighting In With Shooting USA - How to Shoot the STC

SI29-01-1We're Sighting In on the Sportsman Team Challenge as the Pros teach you the team strategy to win.

The Smith and Wesson Pro team will show you their strategy to win.

Nobody better at shooting the Sportsman Team Challenge than the Smith and Wesson Pro Team of Doug Koenig, Jerry Miculek and Michael Plaxco.


They are classified as Professionals, with all the other top teams shooting in the Sportsman’s class. So their annual appearance at the Sportsman’s Team Challenge has become a stunning exhibition shooting display.

And that creates an opportunity to learn how they score so well in the events. It is individual skill, matched with a proven team strategy of assignments in each event. 



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The STC Loaner Gun Program puts our guys in competition:

SI29-01-2The Sportsman Team Challenge loaner gun program allows anyone to shoot the rifle, pistol, and combo events for free, providing all the guns and ammo your team might need. 

With our video team of three, there was no way they were going to pass up the chance to try a team sport. And they had the benefit of all that explanation from the Smith & Wesson Pro Team.


            The Shooting USA Team:
            Mike Irvine – Producer
            Carlos Torres – Editor
            Chris Gerlach – Videographer

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