Kids Shooting Steel


Kids Shooting Steel

SI29-05-1We're Sighting In on the new effort to grow steel shooting with the younger generation. John reports the story of the Scholastic Steel Challenge.

All shooting sports face the same challenge, where to find new competitors, to keep moving the sport forward. The best answer for any shooting discipline is to look to the next generation. If you can get Juniors shooting, the sport will have a future. 

Anyone can be competitive in steel shooting, especially kids. And when the Steel Challenge Shooting Association decided to create a kids program, they looked to J Scott Moore who had previously directed the Scholastic Clay Target Program that’s now involved more than 10,000 young shot-gunners in Trap, Skeet and Sporting Clays.

SI29-05-2Scott Moore will direct the new Scholastic Steel Program in two age groups, Juniors 12 to 16 and Seniors 17 to 20.

Shooters will all use nine millimeter striker fired pistols like the Glock or Smith and Wesson M&P. Revolvers in .38 special are also an option. There is no need for a holster because the shooters will start from the low ready position.

So far, the youngsters who have tried steel shooting are enthusiastic about the challenge and the immediate feed back of ringing the steel plates. 

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New Guns - New Shooting Techniques


Whenever the best shooters gather together to decide a championship, there will always be new technology on display and sometimes new techniques. John reports that certainly was the case this year on the stages of the Steel Challenge.



Race-ready Rim-fire Guns for Steel Competition


Smith and Wesson Model 41 with the Bully Barrel and C-More red dot optic

Smith model 41 is $1,288. The Bully Barrel is $500. The C-more with the slide ride mount is $300.

S&W Model 41
Bully Barrel 
C-More Sight


Kimber Rim-fire Target with J-point red dot optic melted into the slide

The melt process machines away some of the metal, at the rear of the slide, so the J-point can mount as close to the bore as possible. The melt process is offered by JP Enterprises that also sells the J-point sight.

The Kimber Rim Fire Target is $830. The J-point is $300. The melt process is $245.

Kimber Rim Fire Target 
J-Point Web Link


STI Grandmaster with 2211 conversion from Tactical Solutions

This set up is easily configured for either open or limited division shooting. The wide body magazine fits in the STI bottom end perfectly, and features a last shot hold open. The Tactical Solution 2211 conversion is $400, the wide body rimfire magazines are $60.

STI Grandmaster 
Tactical Solutions 2211 Conversion


The Smith and Wesson model 617 with Zero-G barrel and full custom work by Apex Tactical

The Smith 617 is $900, the Zero G barrel $400, the lightweight hammer $140, fitting and finishing $630. 

The S&W Model 617 
Apex Tactical

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