USPSA Stage Comparison: Open vs. Production


Sighting In with Shooting USA – USPSA Stage Comparison: Open vs. Production

SI29-07-1We’re Sighting In on a comparison of the top shooters with their Production and Open Division guns at the USPSA Nationals. How much faster is the same stage with the advantages optics, compensators, and high-cap magazines; compared to the limits on Production Guns.  Phil Strader shows you his technique, and his speed, with his Production Gun.




Then J J Racaza shows you his advantage shooting in the Open Division on the same stage of fire.



Shooting USA Profile –Wildlife artist Ralph McDonald


We all appreciate a work of art, particularly when the subject is wildlife, and the hunt. Few of us have actually, seen the work and the process a painter goes through to create that art.



SI29-07-5But now you’re getting an exclusive look inside the world of Ducks Unlimited artist Ralph McDonald. We found him sitting on a low rocking chair, with his eyes focused on the canvas, and his hand in constant motion searching for the right blends of oils to give blank canvas three dimensional life, as the newest Ducks Unlimited Commemorative Painting.


Mike Irvine Patterns Choke Tubes for Waterfowl Hunters



Mike’s shooting patterns with improved cylinder, and modified choke tubes at 20, 30 and 40 yards to help you understand which choke to choose, depending on how the ducks are showing up at your blind.


The Cat Tail Scope Throw Lever
Ordered to be specific to each brand of scope and a quick change lever to change power in a variable power scope. The Cat Tail is machined from T6 aluminum and mil-spec anodized. It’s the first throw lever offered on the market, after the top three gun competitors first machined their own throw levers to speed their sighting changes.

 Suggested Retail - $60

From: Three Gun Stuff


The GTUL (G-Tool) Mag Cleaner
Something else from the competition world, that every Glock shooter can use, is the G-tool magazine brush and punch and magazine holder for Glock magazines.  The brush and punch works in concert with the mag holder to easily remove the base plate of your magazine without gouging the plastic or your hand. Take the strain out of cleaning your mags with the GTUL for about 20 bucks. You’ll be amazed at the yuck in your magazines.

GTUL Website


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USPSA Handgun Nationals - Production and Open Divisions

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