The USAMU Juniors Clinic


Sighting in with Shooting USA - The USAMU Juniors Clinic

SI29-12-1We're sighting in on a juniors clinic hosted by the USAMU action shooting team. It's the effort to help grow practical shooting by some of the top champions in USPSA competition.

It’s a clinic held on the ranges at Fort Benning to teach USPSA handgun competition to some talented juniors. The instructors are the Champions from the Army Marksmanship Unit. And in this second teaching event DPMS has brought in their rifles to expand the instruction from competition handgun to include AR rifle instruction and marksmanship. Remington Ammunition provided all ammo for the clinic.

SI29-12-2To be accepted into this shooting academy the youngsters had to write an essay on why they want to be there. USAMU Commander, LTC Hodne read each paper to make the selection.

The Colonel says these young shooters are “…already living by those same values that we call the Army values, but they already live by that. And I think what they’ll get when they interact with America’s best shooters, the best shooters in the world, they’ll leave this experience feeling much better about themselves, much better about the Army.”



And there’s no question they leave this clinic as more skilled young shooters, likely to move up in competition in the years ahead.




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The Model 37 Defense line starts at $499.

The tried and true, John Browning, design is once again being produced under the name, Ithaca Gun Company, with every part made in the USA. There are a couple of options available for the Model 37 Defense. A synthetic stock is standard, walnut is an upgrade. There is the standard five round magazine, or an optional eight round extended tube. In the five shot configuration, the barrel is 18 and a half inches, with a smooth bore and no choke, ideal for buck-shot or slugs at close or medium range. 

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The Model 37 Feather light. This is the upland game gun with nicer walnut furniture, and there are three barrel lengths available, 26 inch, 28 inch, and 30 inch. There are also a number of chamberings available in the Feather Light line— 12 gauge, 16, 20 and 28 gauge, so you can pick the right load for your hunt. 

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Shooting USA Profile: Marine CPL James Gill

SI29-12-7Corporal James Gill looks like all of the other competitors at a Multi-gun match. He has all of the gear, and a shirt with his list of sponsors, but the fact that he is here at all is a miracle in itself.

CPL Gill’s Story: “I joined the Marine Corps back in 2004, I served with third Battalion, third Marines Kilo Company. I went to Afghanistan and Iraq, I was injured early into my deployment to Iraq. I lost a leg and an eye, I have been fighting a med-board ever since. Then and hopefully, here in the next month or so I should be cutting orders up to Quantico.”

CPL James Gill is battling the medical board to stay on active duty as a member of the Marine Corps Marksmanship Unit, both competing and providing marksmanship training for able-bodied Marines.

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