M&P 15 Rifles at
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Sighting in with Shooting USA - M&P 15 Rifles at Smith & Wesson

SI29-13-1There’s great interest in piston driven AR rifles, thought to run cleaner than the original gas design. There are conversion kits on the market. But folks who’ve tried them have sometimes learned the hard way that the forces acting on the bolt and on the receiver are quite different, with fractured receivers as the result. So when Smith & Wesson created their piston M&P rifle, there was a lot of engineering that went into the process. It’s what you’d expect for products made right in the USA. 



We’re taking you inside the Smith & Wesson Plant in Springfield, Mass. with Smith’s Top Rifle Shooter, Jerry Miculek, to meet the engineering team and the assembly team turning out top quality M&P rifles. 



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Mike Irvine Rebuilds his Remington 870 Slug Gun

Mike upgrades his old 870 to improve his accuracy and comfort.






        Blackhawk spec ops stock with Forend
        Reduces Recoil, 6 position adjustment for Length of Pull, Camo
        Suggested Retail $150

        Weaver 40/44 series 3 X 9 Variable Power Scope
        Zeroed at 50 yards with reticule for Slug Guns
        Suggested Retail $150

        Weaver 870 No Gunsmith Scope Mount
        Suggested Retail $25

        Weaver Rings
        Suggested Retail $25

        Quake Industries Claw Sling
        The Sling that won’t let go of your shoulder.
        Suggested Retail from $24

Pro Tip – Phil Strader on using Cover



Phil races Mike “The Perp” Irvine to show how to use cover in a gunfight—the right way, and the wrong way.






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