Sighting In – Inside BLACKHAWK!

SI29-14-1Blackhawk was founded in 1993 by former Navy Seal, Mike Noel, to make quality tactical gear for the military and law enforcement. They have been very successful in that mission. And over the years many of their products have been adopted by civilians, like the SERPA retention holster that we recommend for concealed carry.




In these times, it may surprise you to learn, the affordable Serpa is Made Right in the USA. We’re going inside Blackhawk’s Bozeman, Montana plant to show you the process and meet the people doing the work.


MadeRight2small250Then we’re going to Boise, Idaho where Blackhawk saved 90 jobs by taking over a manufacturing facility abandoned by a conglomerate that bought a successful US company and immediately shipped the machines and the jobs to China.



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Les Baer Custom Tactical Recon Rifle

SI29-14-10Les Baer custom 1911 designs are legendary. So when word spread about Les putting his name on a precision bolt rifle, everyone in the industry paid attention. The Les Baer Custom Tactical Recon precision rifle is chambered in .308. It comes with a ten shot half MOA accuracy guarantee, Les makes on these rifles. The LBC precision match barrel is 24 inches with five grooves of one-in-ten right hand twist, single point, cut rifling that is mated to a Stiller Tac 30 Action, fully CNC machined from 416R stainless. Shots are touched off by a Timney Match trigger that is set at 2.5 pounds from the factory, but is adjustable. The rifle is fed through Wyatt’s Precision bottom metal and comes with a five round magazine. The action and barrel are glass bedded front and rear into a Bell Carlson Medalist Tactical adjustable stock.

Suggested Retail $3,500.00

Les Baer Website

Pro Tip – Phil Strader – Multiple Targets



Engaging multiple targets correctly is a critical aspect in competitive shooting, law enforcement, and defensive training. Grand Master, Phil Strader shows you how to correctly engage a series of targets and it’s all about what your eyes are doing.


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