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SI29-16-1We're Sighting In on the tradition and history of a 200 year old firearm. The Schuetzen came to America with German immigrants and is still shooting in challenging, long-range competition.

The Schuetzen is both a rifle and a style of competition steeped in European shooting tradition. With its longevity and avid following, the Schuetzen now has a place as one of History’s Guns. 

SI29-16-2In John Merz’s hands, they do shoot well. John is a Schuetzen enthusiast and avid competitor. He is also editor of the Single Shot Rifle Journal, a magazine devoted to the Schuetzen discipline and the history. 

There is no other firearm that looks or shoots quite like a Schuetzen. Elongated prongs on the rifle’s butt plate work hand in hand with the unique palm rest to help competitors balance the rifle.

Schuetzens are heavy, 12 to 15 pounds, much of that weight in the barrel. That weight adds stability when shooting off-hand, standing. The only position possible with the specialized Schuetzen design.

SI29-16-3The original Schuetzens that arrived with German immigrants were muzzle loaders. Breech Loading Schuetzens are now the rule in competition, the 32-40 cartridge is now the most common in competition, with black powder.

Matches are shot at 200 yards with a specialized Schuetzen target with a Bullseye scored as the 25 ring.


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Smith & Wesson Bodyguards

They are the first firearms in the industry to have a laser built into the gun, you cannot buy them without it. 

The Bodyguard 38 revolver, chambered in 38 plus P 

SWaug10Bodyguard38250newWhile it looks somewhat like a hammerless Smith and Wesson, it’s really quite different. It has an aluminum alloy frame with a stainless steel barrel liner and titanium cylinder. The cylinder release has been completely re-designed. It’s on top, and moves forward with the thumb of either hand to release the cylinder. It’s the first ambidextrous Revolver. On the side is the integrated laser from Insight Technology. To activate, press the grey button. The first touch will turn the laser on, the second push changes to a pulsing laser. 

The Bodyguard .380, chambered in .380 Auto

homeSWsept10380pistolSix-plus-one is the capacity in this compact ultra-lightweight semi-auto. It is the first on the market with full controls. Safety and slide-lock are where you expect. The trigger is double action only, the frame is polymer, and the slide is melonite coated stainless steel. The integrated laser sight is under the barrel. There are activation buttons on each side, so you lefties are covered. 

Pro Tip – Phil Strader on Draw and Reload




Phil Strader teaches the proper techniques for the draw and the reload. The two skills that can significantly improve your scores in practical shooting.






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