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Sighting In with Shooting USA - The Bianchi Experience 

SI29-17-1What's it like to be a first time shooter at Bianchi? We sent John Scoutten and Mike Irvine to record their experience as new shooters, from registration through all 192 shots in the match.

For the past several years, John and Mike have given you a taste of competing in the major matches. The goal is to show that anyone can compete and have a great time doing it. Normally, our guys shoot half a match, or in a separate media category, but not at this years Bianchi Cup. 


John and Mike are regular competitors – John in the Metallic division and Mike in the Production division. They’ll show you what it’s like to be first time competitors at Bianchi, from registration through all 192 shots on the famous courses of fire.



John and Mike’s Guns for Bianchi


M&P Pro Series 9mm
Mike shot a Smith and Wesson M&P Pro Series chambered in 9 mil. The M&P Pro has a 17 plus one capacity is striker-fired with a five inch barrel. The longer barrel helps with accuracy and sight picture, part of why Mike chose the Pro Series for Bianchi competition in the Production division. Another key feature for competition is the Novak fiber optic green front sight, combined with a Novak no-glare rear sight. Overall length is eight and a half inches, it weighs a little more than a pound and a half. The Pro Series trigger is crisper than the average Production gun. 

Suggested retail is $830. 

More Info From Smith & Wesson



S&W 1911 Pro in 9mm
John went with a Smith and Wesson 1911 Pro Series , chambered in nine millimeter, with ten plus one capacity. It has front and rear white dot sights. John blacked his out for the competition. And he added the mag-well base to help him in the prone position. Both the slide and frame are stainless steel with a matte silver finish. 

The Smith and Wesson 1911 in nine mil is $1680.

More Info From Smith & Wesson



C-More STS Mini Red Dot
The newest in the line of non-magnifying optics from C-More. The STS is all aluminum with a glass lens that is hard coated for maximum scratch resistance. The lens is parallax free. If you can see the dot on the target, then you are assured of a hit. Here are two dot sizes, 3.5 MOA, and a bigger 7 MOA option. The intensity is controlled by a selector switch, either auto, or full bright. The STS weighs just a hair over one ounce with a list of mounts to use it as a rear sight replacement on your pistol.

The STS from C-More is about $300

More Info From C-More



Pro Tip – Grip and Trigger Control




Phil reviews the fundamentals of getting a proper grip and managing trigger pull.




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The Bianchi Cup 2010

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