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SI29-18-4We're sighting on the stories behind some of the most accurate and affordable replacement barrels in the world. We're taking you to the Basque region of Spain for an exclusive story that starts with the most advanced production of stainless steel in the world, that then becomes high accuracy barrels.


The story is improving rifle and black powder accuracy, with Bergara replacement barrels. But the story begins, not with barrel making, but with the Spanish stainless steel, never SI29-18-1seen before on American Television.

In the north of Spain, in the Basque region, there is a centuries-old tradition of making fine steel. Steel that was once produced for the finest Spanish swords that’s drawn from the extensive iron resources of the surrounding hills.

The tradition became an economic asset to the Spanish government after the industrial revolution. And this tradition continues into the modern era with the Olarra steel manufacturing facility. Olarra is the foremost producer of long product, stainless steel in Europe. Olarra produces the perfectly straight bar-stock that will become Bergara Barrels.

Bergara Barrel Making:

SI29-18-2The Process begins with deep hole drilling. The calibers can range from .22 to .50 caliber and the tolerances are extremely tight. Just 30 microns of a millimeter, this precision is critical to every step that follows. Once the bar stock is drilled, then it moves to the vertical honing machine where the bores are treated to three stages of polishing to achieve a mirror finish.

Next the drilled black is button rifling with a carbide button. The process is the same for a muzzle loader or a center-fire blank. The chemical make-up of the lubricant used in the rifling process is a closely guarded secret, as is the final step of the process, heat treatment.

The rifling process was developed by one the most respected barrel makers in the world. All Bergara barrels are rifled using the process developed by Ed Schillen. The machining tolerances are remarkable. And the final result is performance certified by the Spanish SI29-18-3Government proof house. But, it is the design team at Bergara that determines what happens next for the rifled blank.

In multiple steps the blanks will be machined, polished, and finished to become chambered replacement barrels for Remington 700 Actions, for Savage Actions, for AR rifles and to be high accuracy barrels for CVA Blackpowder muzzleloaders.


John Tests the Accuracy:

SI29-18-6John installs a replacement Bergara DCM heavy barrel in a DPMS Mark 12 AR. Everything about the replacement barrel is designed for accuracy including the crowned muzzle. There are no threads on the high accuracy heavy barrel. 





The performance proves the value of the barrel swap, shooting under MOA in range testing.




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