The Pro Am Experience 

Shooting USA - The Pro Am Experience
We're sighting in on what it's like to shoot the Pro Am as a first timer and dealing with the heat and the par times. John, Mike and Greg choose their gear and face the targets.



It’s our effort to help grow participation in the shooting sports.  And a lot of you tell us you like what we’re doing, sending our guys out, not only to cover a major championship match, but then to participate in the match as first time competitors.  That’s what happened at this year’s Pro Am. 





Knowing they would be shooting at the event, the guys got so excited about it that Greg and Mike even called in a couple of favors to try their luck and their skill in the Open Division. John Shot in the Limited Division.






So with the guys outfitted with what they each think will be a winning combination; John, Mike and Greg are ready to brave the Tulsa summer heat and challenge the Pro Am steel plates.




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John’s M&P 40 Limited Division Conversion

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    Apex Tactical Hard Sear, Hard Striker Block, Trigger Return Spring, Striker Spring

    Speed Shooters Specialties Tungsten Guide Rod 

    ISMI Recoil Springs from 13 to 17 pounds

    Speed Shooters Specialties Removable Mag Well

    Taylor Freelance 140 Millimeter Base plates for the M &P mags 

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ESP Elite Analog Electronic Ear Plugs $795 

ESP – Westone Custom Molded Ear Monitors $295 dollars

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The Tree Coat by Scopecoat

Two layers of 6 millimeter camo neoprene, to wrap the bark behind your tree stand.  The neoprene is quiet, allowing you to move in your stand without disturbing the bark of the tree and ultimately your game.  The adjustable straps fit trees from 30 inches up to 50 inches around.  Suggested Retail $50.

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Pro Tips – Phil Strader on IDPA Competition



Phil presents an introduction to International Defensive Pistol Competition. It’s the handgun sport that grew out of training for Concealed Carry. Phil’s got the info, and the rules, to get you started right at your first match.







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