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Sighting In with Shooting USA - Outdoor Women Unlimited
We're sighting in on a new event to get more women into the shooting sports and the great outdoors. This time it's a shotgun clinic for ladies only, organized by Outdoor Women Unlimited. 

You’ve heard it from us before, that women are the key to future of the shooting sports. Typically, women are afraid of guns until they get some instruction and find out how to use them.


SI30-02-2In the past, we’ve shown you some programs around the country that are introducing women to shooting, women-only programs, where they learn best by not having a bunch of guys around.

This time the program is Outdoor Women Unlimited, created by a mother and daughter in Alabama. This time we’re covering the story differently by sending in a female reporter, who has no prior experience with shotguns.

Jodi Jones is our gal on the scene to report the story of the women only shotgun clinic. It’s one part of many events held by Outdoor Women Unlimited.

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Scope Coat BinoBibs

SI30-02-4There are now 20 different patterns to protect binoculars and the list is continuing to grow. It’s an ingenious design with no fasteners or snaps. The elasticity of the neoprene keeps the BinoBib in place and keeps it attached when the binoculars are in use. And the BinoBibs are quiet. You won’t alert your game if your binoculars brush the zipper of your jacket.

Standard colors are black, dark earth, coyote tan, and natural gear camo. 

Priced according to size, starting at $25 dollars.

BinoBibs Weblink 


A Conversation with Vince Flynn


John talks with the creator of the Mitch Rapp book series about the release of the newest novel in the series and the importance of being technically accurate in writing about firearms. John also learns who the author thinks Mitch Rapp looks like. 

Vince Flynn Website




US Pod Box – Armorer’s Box

SI30-02-5US Pod Box now has designs for armorers and gunsmiths. The idea is to securely store a good deal of tools and equipment and take this unit to the range or the field, set up the table, and offer firearms support services at the point of use.

US Pod Box offers a variety of sizes at their website 



Smith & Wesson Engraved Revolvers

SI30-02-6The Model 29 is a classic chambered for 6 rounds of 44 magnum with a 4 inch barrel. The front sight is a red ramp and the rear is adjustable. The stocks are engraved high quality hardwood. The high polished blueing accentuates the engraving on the frame, barrel and cylinder, making this Model 29 a collectible or presentation gun that arrives with a hardwood display box. Suggested Retail $1,280.


SI30-02-7The Model 640 will put some elegance into personal defense with precision engraving. The classic J frame hammerless, chambers five rounds of .357 magnum or .38 plus P, but now in presentation quality dress. The frame, cylinder and barrel are stainless in a matte finish, The hardwood grips have been engraved as have the frame, the cylinder and the barrel. Shipped with a mahogany presentation box. 
Suggested Retail $1,043.

Smith & Wesson Website Information 

Pro Tips – Retreating Up Range



Phil Strader has a Pro Tip on retreating up range both quickly and safely.





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