Media Day at the Range

Shooting USA - Media Day at the Range



We’re taking you to the big event before the big event!  The kickoff to SHOT show is Media Day at the Range. It’s the manufacturers trying to catch the interest of the media for some good press.





So it’s a “try it, you’ll like it” event and it’s not just looking, it’s shooting.  And that’s what we did, along with 700 other members of the gun related media.



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Duck Tech – Calling Techniques



Mike Irvine and Jeremy Romain team up to give waterfowlers tips and demonstrations on how to talk duck and bring the birds down for a successful hunt.





Calling may not sound like music to you and me, but using a call correctly, to attract birds, is a lot like playing a musical instrument.  Mike and Jeremy demonstrate the techniques of speaking duck.



More Shot Show Product Discoveries



The Alangator TriMag Connector

The TriMag connects three factory 10/22 magazines to give you a block of 30 rounds, and a quick change to each of the ten round magazines.  Suggested Retail:  $12 without the magazines.

Alangator Website


Accu-riser Cheek Pads and Comb Risers

The best solution we’ve seen yet for adjusting your cheek-weld.  For Shotgun and Rifles.

Suggested Retail, under $35

Accu-Riser Website


Complete list of changes and improvements for the Colt 1991:

  • Slide to frame fit corrected by welding up the frame rails and re-machining the slide ways and frame rails.
  • Kart .45acp Match barrel fit.
  • Chamber finish reamed to .905” with a hood gap of >.00125”. 
  • Barrel  outside diameter at muzzle of .5805”.
  • Kart Match Bushing I.D. .58075” horizontal .58075” vertical.
  • Barrel crown cut for best accuracy.
  • Stippled and MCP Pattern Cut front strap.
  • S&A Stainless Mainspring Housing fit and stippled with MCP Pattern Cut.
  • S&A Stainless Magwell Mainspring Housing fit and stippled with MCP Pattern Cut.
  • New Extractor fit.
  • Replaced Ejector with new tuned EGW Extended Ejector.
  • New properly fit Firing Pin Plate.
  • New full length stainless Guide Rod and Plug.
  • Relieved recoil plug hole in slide.
  • Corrected link slot in frame.
  • Complete trigger job done.
  • Trigger set at 3lbs. 15oz.
  • Greider Long Three Hole match trigger fit.
  • C&S Ultra Match Sear at .7795” OAL.
  • C&S Match Disconnector at 1.305” OAL.
  • C&S Ultra Lite Match Hammer with hooks at .018”
  • 80 series plate polished and installed (per customer request with 80s parts tuned and provided also).
  • C&S Stainless Tactical Ambi-Thumb safety installed and blended.
  • Frame tangs welded up to fit new grip safety.
  • S&A Stainless Grip safety fit and blended.
  • Slide Stop Hole in frame beveled.
  • Greider Stainless slide stop stippled and fit with pin end flush with frame.
  • Greider Stainless extended mag catch angle back cut and stippled.
  • Stippled rear of slide.
  • KFS Combat Ear rear sight installed buried and protected.
  • Chambers Custom Fiber Optic dovetail front sight installed and blended.
  • Ejection port lowered to .400”.
  • Magwell opened and hand beveled.
  • Slide top stippled and MCP Pattern Cut.
  • Slide and frame edges hand beveled.
  • Boarder Cut on Slide.
  • Bevel bottom of slide.
  • Original Colt Markings removed from slide.
  • Cocking Serrations corrected and pointed up.
  • Master polish and blue finish.
  • 3 Mags tuned
  • 18.5# Recoil Spring
  • 23# Mainspring
  • Test fired with 400 rounds.

Extreme Gun Make-over by Chambers Customs

It started as a tired Colt series 80 1991 Model…. And turned into a show piece after Chambers Customs did a total makeover of  the same gun.

Joe Chambers started by welding up the frame and slide and re-machining the rails. There’s a new match barrel that’s been precision fit and chambered… New full length guide rod… Ejection Port opened up and lowered… and the action has been converted to a series 70 with out the firing pin internal safety that makes trigger pull less precise in the series 80 guns. There’s a new match grade trigger, new ambi-thumb safeties, new beavertail safety, the magwell has been opened and beveled. 

Then there’s the finish. Joe Chambers specializes in polishing and plating to create an astounding appearance for his guns. It is now very accurate, and will feed any wide mouth hollow point, or wad cutter loads, if you’re a bulls-eye shooter. So how much does it cost to have Chambers Custom do an extreme gun make-over?  This job was $5,500 and a three month wait.

Chambers Custom Pistols Website

Mike Patterns Game Specific Shot Shells

Picking the right shotgun ammunition for your game is pretty simple these days.  Just buy the box with the right picture of your game already on it. But what does the picture really mean?  Mike shows you two new examples.  


Federal Heavyweight Turkey Load
Federal Heavyweight Coyote Load

Heavyweight means the shot is denser than lead, both names means denser than lead.  Both rounds are 3 inch with similar velocities.

The turkey round at 1300 feet per second, the Coyote round is 50 feet per second faster. 

The difference is the shot size and weight. The coyote round is size double B with the shot weighing one and a half ounces.


The turkey shot shell is one and 5/8 ounces of five shot.

SI30-09-9But the big difference, from the same shotgun, is the pattern.  Coyote loads are tight in the pattern, about the size of your fist.

The Turkey loads spread out to have a better chance of knocking down the bird with a small head as a target.

Federal controls shot pattern with their proprietary shot cups to give you an edge in the field.  And that’s why there’s different game on the boxes, to match your shells to your game.


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Shane Cooley of the USAMU Action Shooting Team shows you the strategy of shooting the USPSA moving targets you’re likely to find in competition.  Working out a plan for each type will get your hits into the A zone.





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