Starting May 4, 2011, Shooting USA will officially become a one-hour show. Sighting In will no longer air as a separate half-hour. Sighting In segments will be included in the new one-hour format. Look for Shooting USA as a single listing in your cable and satellite menus.

We will still retain our previous Sighting In shows archive below.

Sighting In Shows
from Shooting USA

Media Day at the Range

SHOT Show 2011 - One Hour Special

The Saiga in Competition

Movie Guns

NRA Disabled Shooting Clinic

The S&W Pro Team

Outdoor Women Unlimited

The Pro Am Experience

Bergara Barrels

The Bianchi Experience 

Schuetzen Rifles


S&W ARs Made Right in the USA

The USAMU Juniors Clinic

Civilian Marksmanship Program

Multi-Gun Tech

2010 SHOT Show

RCBS, the Experts in Reloading

USPSA Stage Comparison: Open vs. Production

Jerry at the IRC

Kids Shooting Steel

AR Rifle How-To

The Wartrace Regulators

The Women of SASS

How to Shoot the STC

Ram Pit Training at Blackwater

The Bianchi Cup Media Match

The Guns of The US Steel Championship

Pro Series Guns

SHOT Show Part Deux

Open Division Shotguns / Monterey Gang Task Force

The Guns of Western Three Gun

2009 SHOT Show

HAVA in San Antonio

USAMU/MGM Targets Juniors Clinic

USPSA Innovations

Inside CCI

Wheelchair Shotgun

Taran at the Movies

Byron’s Bare Bow School

The Guns of the Bianchi Cup

S&W Ladies Clinic

The Guns of Steel

Gene Lumsden &
Legacy Sports International

Profile - The US Shooting Team

The Guns of The Light and Laser Invitational

The Guns for 3 Gun

2008 SHOT Show Special

Shotgun Sports

USPSA New Shooters

The Guns of the USPSA

Sighting In on Cowboy Action Shooting

Sighting In on the .338 Federal Cartridge

Sighting In on Trijicon

Sighting In on Women on Target

Sighting In on Starting Young Shooters

Sighting In on Project Tack Driver, Shooting Groups

Sighting In on HAVA and Ron Ehlert Profile

Sighting In on Tack Driver Build Up

Sighting In on The National Firearms Museum

Sighting In on Reloading


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