SASS Indoor Championship – Las Vegas   26-12

SASS Indoor Championship – Las Vegas

26-12-1When it comes to putting on an over sized hat to play the role of your cowboy hero, everybody expects you to be doing some shooting maybe some riding, and spending your time on the range in the old West, but there’s one more aspect of playing cowboy--riding into town for a few drinks and some gambling at the saloon. That pretty much explains why 1,200 SASS members headed to the gambling and partying capitol of the world, Las Vegas. The members of the Single Action Shooting Society filled the Riviera Hotel and Casino for the annual SASS convention.

26-12-2SASS members have been getting together in Las Vegas for a number of years now, for social activities, cowboy shopping, inductions into the SASS Hall of Fame, the only thing they couldn’t do during the annual convention was shoot. Until this year. SASS organizers convinced the Riviera Hotel they could hold the first ever indoor shooting championship in the hotel lobby.


Chisler says, “We convinced the hotel how safe we were using our safety programs, and using wax bullets and just primers the volume is low, there is very little smoke, and it’s a very clean process, but the shooters really get into it because they get the bang and the ding which is very important to cowboy action shooting.”

There’s nothing revolutionary about shooting wax. Fast draw competitors have been using it for years. The problem facing SASS, there never had been a wax bullet for rifles. Until Ten X ammunition figured out how to convert movie style blanks into live wax ammo for both rifles and for shotguns.

The first ever indoor match was considered a great success and a great new way to bring Cowboy Action Shooting to a wider audience. SASS has already announced three more indoor, wax bullet events around the country.



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26-12-7The 7 inch open top Navy conversion, which was one step in the evolution from cap and ball to cartridge guns. Chambered in 38 special, the Navy conversion is easy to handle even if you shoot duelist. This recreation has the open top frame that preceded the 1873 peacemaker. The frame is forged and color-casehardened steel, the grips are walnut, the back strap is brass and the finish is modern blue. Suggested Retail $450.


The Thunderer, birds-head grip, chambered in 45 Colt. This is an exclusive produced by Uberti only for Cimarron. The finish is highly polished modern blue with color cased hardening, but there is an option for nickel. The Thunderer replicates the gentleman’s hide out gun. Suggested Retail $490.



26-12-6The Model P in 45 Colt reproduced in modern stainless steel. Barrel lengths available are 4 , 5 , and 7 inches and the stainless model P faithfully matches the design and dimensions of the original Peacemaker. The Cimarron Stainless Model P starts at $560, and you can order a pair with sequential serial numbers.

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