USPSA Multi-Gun Nationals 2014


Shooting USA – USPSA Multi-Gun Nationals 2014

The best in the country with rifle, pistol, and shotgun, are running all out for the title of National Champion.  It’s 3-Gun competition from Las Vegas. Then, it’s the story of the Martini Henry rifle that’s now one of history’s guns. Plus, comparing Hornady Critical Defense and Critical Duty, the most effective handgun ammo on the market.

USPSA Multi-Gun Nationals 2014

33-12-1Multi-gun is the believed to be the fastest growing segment of the practical shooting disciplines. At the USPSA Mutli-Gun Nationals, the top shooters in the nation compete with pistol, rifle and shotgun on the Desert Sportsmen’s Ranges just outside Las Vegas, Nevada. Range limitations limit the competition to 400 yards, but that doesn’t mean the stages will be easy.


33-12-2“I still wanted to create a significant challenge for the Multi-Gun Nationals,” said Pete Rensing, the Stage Designer.  “You know there are a lot of matches around the country with their own flavor, and if you are going to come here, I want to try to test you a little bit. Maybe give you a little bit of rope to hang and see if you can pull it out.”


33-12-3Can the U.S. Army’s Daniel Horner earn his sixth Multi-Gun National Title in the Tac-Optics Division? And who will take the Open title and High Lady? John Scoutten and Mike Irvine cover and report the action.




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History’s Guns - The Martini-Henry

33-12-7It was shortly after the Civil War that brought great change in firearms with the self-contained cartridge. The world’s armies were converting from muzzle loading muskets to breech loading cartridge rifles. In America it was the Trapdoor Springfield, but for the British, it was a rifle with an Italian sounding name that is now one of History’s Guns.



“The Martini-Henry’s one of the most famous guns in British history,” says Firearms Historian, Garry James.  “It’s one of the guns that helped form the British Empire. The Martini-Henry rifle, was a very evocative, very famous gun.”



Sighting In - Hornady’s Critical Duty vs. Critical Defense

33-12-10The boxes may look the same, but Hornady’s Critical Duty and Critical Defense loads are made for two completely different missions. Critical Defense has a soft core, pure lead, thin jacketed, lightweight bullet; meant for personal defense. Critical Duty is designed for the mission of Law Enforcement.




“The actual duty bullet design, we worked on that for probably, almost six years, and found everything that didn’t work, until we came up with what we have now,” says Hornady’s Ballistic Scientist, Dave Emary.  “But, yes, the FBI has told us that this has set a whole new standard for performance through their protocol test…”


33-12-13For Law Enforcement, if your Chief hasn’t seen these tests, and hasn’t yet ordered Critical Duty, send Jim Scoutten a note on department letterhead to receive a free copy of the testing in this show. Use address on Contact Us page.



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Hume-Fogg Clay Target Team

33-12-16It’s not often an introduction to shooting comes from inside a public high school, but that’s the case for a group of students in Nashville, Tennessee. The Nashville public school system is known for not favoring guns and shooting sports, but thanks to two devoted fathers, there’s been a breakthrough at Hume-Fogg High School.




“Hume Fogg is kind of the flagship of the Nashville high schools,” said Hume-Fogg Clay Target Coach Jim Young.  “I thought what better school than to start a high school trap team than Hume-Fogg.”



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Pro Tip - John Paul on Choosing and Using Different Reticles

33-12-19There was a time when the reticle in your scope consisted of just two lines, the crosshairs.  Scopes have come a long way in recent years and now there are of options in reticles. John Paul of JP Enterprises shows us the types of reticles and the advantage of his preferred one, the Horus Vision System. 






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