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36-13-1It’s classic 1911 competition at the Single Stack Nationals. The guns are stock appearing 1911s, charged by limited magazines, but the action is far from limited in Barry, Illinois. Plus, the Gatling and the doctor who thought his invention would end all wars. History shows It didn’t. And, a look back to our history in our 25th year, our visit with Colonel Jeff Cooper at Gunsite in 1996.



USPSA Single Stack Nationals

36-13-7When the U.S. government demanded more pistol firepower, John Browning responded with the Model 1911. It is one of the best combat pistols of our time, and today it is a popular choice in practical shooting competition. Though USPSA competition has evolved to modified race guns with double-stack magazines, competing with the single stack 1911 is still fast and fun. Single stack describes the single column of ammunition in the magazine. Nearly 400 competitors are vying for championship titles at the USPSA Single Stack Nationals in Barry, Illinois. And this year, competitors will be shooting more than 330 rounds on 15 stages, which could open the door for a new champion.

36-13-2“What we’re seeing this year is the highest round count we’ve ever put on the ground,” says USPSA President Mike Foley. “And so the amount of shots themselves, the targets, and the footwork should give competitors who have different skill sets the ability to rise to the competitive level here.”



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A Look Back: Visit with Colonel Jeff Cooper in 1996

36-13-8We are looking back to significant events in our 25 years of television shooting shows, and our visit with Colonel Jeff Cooper in 1996 is certainly one of those events. He had fought as a marine in both World War Two and the Korean War, and he earned a Masters degree in History. However, Col. Cooper is best known for creating the Modern Technique of handgun shooting, and as the founder of the International Practical Shooting Confederation. He has taught thousands of students at Gunsite Academy in Arizona, but his lessons include more than just how to hit the target.

36-13-9“The main thing we have to teach here is not marksmanship, but mindset, because mindset is what wins,” said Col. Cooper. “Man fights with his mind. His weapons are only the cutting edge.”

Col. Cooper has died in 2006, and he is now interred on the property at Gunsite,



Gunsite Academy


History’s Guns - The Gatling


Dr. Richard Gatling was a farm machinery inventor, who changed military strategy and warfare, when he created his first Gatling Gun. Today the descendants of his invention ride the nose of the Apache helicopter, the Wart Hog Tank Killer, and protect navy ships from missile attacks.




Gatling hoped his machine gun would revolutionize the battlefield, and it did, just not the way Dr. Gatling had expected, as he created one of History’s Guns. 






Savage Scout Rifle

36-13-15The Savage Specialty Line has a Model 11 Scout, just as Col. Jeff Cooper intended. The polymer stock sports Savage’s Accu-stock system, which supports the action in three dimensions along its entire length. The barrel is fully-floated, and the action is fed from a detachable ten-round magazine. The action is a 110 pattern short version, triggered by the Savage Accu-trigger system, and the rifle is chambered in.308. The 18-inch barrel has a slight taper and is finished off by a four-port compensator. The stock sports an adjustable cheek well, and adjustable iron sights are standard as well as a one piece forward set rail to mount your choice of optic, as long as it has a long eye relief. The Savage Model 11 Scout is about $820.

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Bushnell Optic

36-13-16The Bushnell Trophy Scout is an ideal choice of optic to mount on the Savage Model 11 Scout. It’s a two to seven variable power optic built on a one-inch tube with a 36-millimeter objective. The key feature is long eye relief, making this optic the perfect choice for a hunting hand gun, a lever gun or a Scout Rifle.  All of the lenses are multi-coated, and the tube is dry nitrogen filled making this optic fully waterproof, fog proof, and shock proof. Elevation and windage adjustments are quarter MOA. The parallax is fixed, and the multi-X design reticule is on the second focal plain. That means it stays the same size no matter the magnification. The Bushnell Trophy Scout cost about $160.

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Plug’R Chamber Flags

36-13-17If you’re thinking about shooting a Precision Rifle Series competition, a multi-gun match, or any match with a long gun, the Plug’R chamber flag may be a key addition to your kit. Plug’R has been making them for ARs and shotguns for some time, but now they’ve turned their attention to bolt guns. The plastic plug mimics your cartridge but doesn’t touch your hot chamber, and an elastic strap secures around the bolt with a customized highly visible tab.  Prices start at $15.

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Pro Tip: Julie Golob - Rimfire for Accuracy

36-13-23-500We say it time and time again, if you want to be a better shot, you must practice. But if your shots aren’t hitting the mark, it may be time to dig out that .22-caliber pistol, because sometimes a little plinking is all you need to tighten up your groups. Smith & Wesson Team Captain Julie Golob shows us how to make that transition, and a drill to get you back on target. SEE THE PRO TIP




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