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August 12th

Shooting USA - The IPSC World Shoot
It’s the handgun world championship that begins with the parade of nations, as the IPSC World Shoot returns to the U.S. after more than 25 years. The best in the world are competing in the sport, with the modern technique Jeff Cooper created more than 40 years ago. Plus, the breechloader that would change gun-making forever. The Hall Carbine is one of History’s Guns.
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August 19th

Shooting USA - IDPA Pan American Championship
This time, its world-class competition in paradise. We’re at the Smith & Wesson Pan American IDPA Championships in Puerto Rico. John covers the action on the range and on the beach. Plus the French Revolver that’s now one of History’s Guns, after 75 years on the beat. And new IDPA lady shooters train with a champ to get started in the sport.
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August 26th

Shooting USA - The National Matches at Camp Perry
It was Teddy Roosevelt’s vision to encourage civilian marksmanship. More than 100 years after, the Camp Perry National Matches are still fulfilling the mission. Plus, the multi-gun match that’s all head-shots, Hornady’s Pandemic in the Heartland. And The Venerable ‘03 Springfield is one of History’s Guns.
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Sept 2nd

Shooting USA - Ridgeway Varmint Silhouette
We’re at the largest silhouette range east of the Mississippi River for a new silhouette match that’s changing the game. The targets in Varmint Bench Rest Silhouette are out as far as 1,000 yards! Plus the Smith & Wesson Performance Center debuts new equipment to make new products. We’ve got the ready-to-race M&P Ported CORE, with testing by the S&W pro shooters. And The 1876 Winchester is one of History’s Guns.
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Sept 9th

Shooting USA - The US Steel Nationals 2015
It’s drag racing with guns! How fast can you draw and shoot 5 steel targets. The answer is very fast indeed when the Pros compete in the Smith & Wesson Steel Nationals in Florida. Plus, the enemy pistol of World War Two, The Japanese Nambu Type 94, that’s now one of History’s Guns. And 500 bowhunters compete in 3D Archery in the IBO National Championship.
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Sept 16th

Shooting USA - The USPSA Revolver Nationals
The fastest wheel gunners in the nation compete for championship titles in the USPSA Revolver Nationals. Plus, the event for women only. The Girl and a Gun convention and shoot in Texas. And the British Service rifle that made the transition to breech-loading. The Snyder is now one of History’s Guns.

Sept 23rd

Shooting USA - Army Small Arms Championship
It’s the annual match with rack grade M-16s and M-4s and the M-9 Beretta. The challenging stages of fire are open to all units of the Army, the Guard, and Reserves. They shoot in combat gear for bragging rights to be the best of the Army. Plus the armies of 150 years ago and the reenactment of the Battle of Franklin on the original ground in Tennessee. We cover the firearms of Blue and Gray and the men and women who now reenact climactic battles to honor and preserve our history.
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Sept 30th

Shooting USA - USPSA Multi-Gun Nationals 2015
This time, the fastest practical shooters race for the USPSA Multi-gun National titles using pistol, rifle and shotgun. We’ve got the action from Las Vegas. Plus, the rare breechloader prized by the Confederacy, the Terry Carbine. And juniors compete with dreams of Olympic Gold as the Army hosts the Junior National Air Rifle Championship.

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