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July 15th

All Army Small Arms Championship
This time, it’s Army Small Arms competition with rack issue carbines and pistols that’s open to active duty, guard, reserve and cadets, to keep battlefield skills sharp. The Army Marksmanship Unit hosts the challenges on the ranges at Fort Benning. Plus, the big guns, Dirty Harry's Model 29. And, then the .500 S&W Magnum and the Lever Carbine chambering the .500 for even more power in the woods. Mark Redl has a Colt Pro Tip on shooting and moving and John’s explaining all you need to know to go gun racing in the Steel Challenge.
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July 22nd

The IDPA World Championship
The International Defensive Pistol Association holds their World Championships and it’s truly an international gathering of competitors at the CMP Talladega Park ranges. They’ve come from around the world to shoot scenarios designed to simulate real world situations when drawing from concealment is the way to stop the threats. Plus, the Heckler & Koch MP5 is still in service around the world, but is none-the-less a History’s Guns Icon and a Hollywood favorite choice for both sides of the law.
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July 29th

The History of US Service Rifles
The Trapdoor was the first cartridge firing service rifle that was much faster to use than the cap and ball rifles it replaced. But oddly rapid fire was not the original priority. But the Trapdoor was the beginning of the evolution to better and faster to cycle service rifles adopted over the next 100 years, that most often put superior firepower in the hands of US troops as they served in two World Wars, Korea, and into Vietnam. Plus the Smith & Wesson from World War Two that’s now one of History’s Guns. And the first of a new series of Pro Tips from the Army Marksmanship Unit.
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August 5th

The Rimfire Challenge World Championships - 2019
It’s the fastest organized form of plinking with .22 Rimfire, shooting steel plates for time. And once again the youngsters turn out to be the fast ones in the Rimfire Challenge World Championships. Plus, we’re presenting many of the new products that were to be announced at the NRA Annual Meeting and Show. John Scoutten won the coin toss so he’s at our private range for shooting tests of new guns. Jim Scoutten is social distancing in the gun room with more new products that you were supposed to see in person in Nashville before then NRA event was cancelled.
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August 12th

The Armageddon Gear AG Cup
It's a special edition of Shooting USA, a full hour devoted to the inaugural Armageddon Gear AG Cup. Twenty of the best precision rifle marksmen have been invited to the Arena Training Facility for a two day event to find out who is the best. There’’s a total of forty-one thousand dollars in prize money at stake, with the overall match winner guaranteed twenty thousand in cash!
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August 19th

Cowboy Fast Draw World Championship
The game is Single Action Fast Draw, as near as we come in the 21st century to the OK Corral. 300 Gunfighters mosey into Fallon, Nevada, dressed to reflect their cowboy alias, and ready to draw and shoot wax bullets from Old West holsters. The winning results are speeds down to a third of a second. Plus, John shoots and reports the new IDPA Pistol Caliber Carbine National match at Talladega. The Uzi is historic full auto fire. And Colt introduces the return of the Python.
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August 26th

The Hornady 6mm ARC
It’s the newest and most effective new cartridge for the AR-15 platform, the Hornady 6mm ARC - Auto Rifle Cartridge. Plus the Smith & Wesson pressed into service in World War Two -  the .45 Victory is now one of History’s Guns. Then an update on our US Shooting Team Members who were training for peak performance at the Tokyo Olympics, who now have a year to wait. James Jean serves up an Archery Impossible Shot. And the Army Marksmanship Unit offers advice and their experience on traveling with guns.


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