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January 11th

Shooting USA - The 2016 Bianchi Cup
This time the world’s most prestigious handgun championship becomes twice as difficult. To take the cup, the top competitors have to shoot the four stages of fire twice, combining their qualifying score with their second round of shooting the plates, the barricades, the practical, and the mover. Julie Golob joins John Scoutten to present the action from Columbia, Missouri. Plus, the High Standard from World War Two, and the movie guns Clint Eastwood ordered for his film, American Sniper.

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January 18th

Shooting USA - World Speed Shooting Championship
This time, it’s gun racing on historic targets at the World Speed Shooting Championships. It’s been 35 years since Mike and Mike drew up the first Steel Challenge on a napkin. Since then it’s become a tradition and a challenge to the best in the handgun sports. Plus, the preview story of new guns coming from Colt for 2017. And, an old Colt, the Woodsman, is now highly collectible and is one of History’s Guns.
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January 25th

Shooting USA - The 2016 Revolver Nationals
It’s classic wheel gun competition at the Smith & Wesson Revolver Nationals. Pasa Park, in Barry, Illinois, hosts competitors of all ages and skill levels to be challenged on 14 action-shooting stages of fire. Plus, the long-serving British Sniper Rifle that is now one of History’s Guns. And a profile of one IDPA club in Delaware that’s having remarkable success growing the sport by shooting a lot, on the cheap. highly collectible and is one of History’s Guns.

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February 1st

Shooting USA - Bushnell GAP Grind Pro-Am
The GAP Grind Pro-Am opens one of the most intimidating competitions to new shooters. It’s long range Precision Rifle competition in Tennessee, with John now considered an experienced Pro, helping a new shooter compete. Plus, Japan’s historic, yet unreliable revolver is one of History’s Guns. And juniors are breaking a lot of clays at the SCTP Nationals.

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February 7th &  8th

Shooting USA - Texas Varmint Benchrest
This time, it’s small varmints shot at long ranges. It’s precision shooting with benchrest rifles in the latest version of two traditional sports becoming a new challenge. And John tries the challenge of knocking down 1-MOA Coyotes with his Precision Rifle Gear. Plus, the Remington 700, is one of History’s Guns. And, families are competing together at the Rimfire Challenge World Championship.

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February 14th & 15th

Shooting USA - Smith & Wesson Defensive Pistol Nationals
This time, it’s a carnival of fun at Smith & Wesson as the stages of fire get even more creative. It’s IDPA competition at the Indoor Nationals. Plus, the transition from muzzle loading to metallic cartridge for the US Army. The Trapdoor is one of History’s Guns, Then, we’re inside the Civilian Marksmanship Program’s depot discovering Army history and building up M1 Garands that could be for you.

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February 21st & 22nd

Shooting USA - Precision Rifle at the Bushnell Brawl
It is considered the elite challenge in precision rifle competition, the Bushnell Brawl in South Texas. It’s not just a long range rifle challenge, it’s also a punishing physical challenge for the competitors. Plus, the revolver that lead the way to the modern double-action, 50 years early. The Dean, Adams and Dean is one of History’s Guns. And Turkey Hunters flock to Nashville for the largest NWTF convention ever.

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February 28th & March 1st

Shooting USA - The 2017 SHOT Show
We’re inside the Sands Convention Center in Las Vegas with a record number of Dealers and Buyers discovering the hot new items that will make news this year. Plus, a profile of the man named SHOT Business Person of the Year, who created an entire new category of sighting 25 years ago. And we’re taking you inside S&W to see the production of the new M&P 2.0. It’s the process you’ve never seen before.
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