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January 14th

Shooting USA - IDPA Back Up Gun Nationals 2014
It’s the match for real carry guns. The pros, new shooters, and Smith & Wesson executives, take on real life, self-defense scenarios at the IDPA Back Up Gun Nationals. Plus, the 1874 Sharps is one of History’s Guns. And we return to an earlier time for a National Championship that’s preserving our history, the National Muzzleloading Rifle Association’s Fall Shoot in Friendship.
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January 21st

Shooting USA - The US Steel Nationals 2014
Draw and shoot 5 steel targets. That’s the challenge for the fastest pistol shooters in the nation, running all out for the title of National Champion in the US Steel Nationals from Florida. Plus, the secrets behind the movie guns. John Scoutten is at ISS to learn how they make them look so real safely. And John Paul explains your choices of rifle scope zero and how to choose.
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January 28th

Shooting USA - Ridgway Varmint Silhouette
We’re at the largest silhouette range east of the Mississippi River for a new silhouette match that’s changing the game. The targets in Varmint Bench Rest Silhouette are out as far as 1,000 yards! Plus the Smith & Wesson Performance Center debuts new equipment to make new products. We’ve got the ready-to-race M&P Ported CORE, with testing by the S&W pro shooters. And The 1876 Winchester is one of History’s Guns.
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February 4th

Shooting USA - The National Matches at Camp Perry
It was Teddy Roosevelt’s vision to encourage civilian marksmanship. More than 100 years after, the Camp Perry National Matches are still fulfilling the mission. Plus, the multi-gun match that’s all head-shots, Hornady’s Pandemic in the Heartland. And The venerable ‘03 Springfield is one of History’s Guns.
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February 11th

Shooting USA - International Revolver Championship 2014
We’re covering the annual championships for wheel guns and their fans, with the top revolver shooters at the Hogue Range in California. Plus, a profile of the only man to win two gold medals in his Olympic sport. Vincent Hancock is now teaching and training for another gold in International Skeet.
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February 18th

Shooting USA - IDPA Puerto Rico
It’s an IDPA National Championship that feels more like a vacation. We’re headed to Puerto Rico for competition in the Caribbean. Then we’re covering the NRA annual Meeting and New Product Show in Indianapolis, with 75,000 members gathering to support the NRA and the Second Amendment. Plus the story of the rare Ithaca Model 37 Trench Gun, that’s now one of History’s Guns. And Taran Butler, has a Pro Tip on setting up your shotgun to be more successful in 3-Gun Competition.
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February 25th

Shooting USA - 2015 SHOT Show Hour Special
Jim, John, and Mike are running 12 miles of aisles in the Sands Convention Center in Las Vegas, with 60,000 Gun Dealers and Buyers. It’s your first look at the new guns and gear that will be making news this year. Set your DVR. The guys have a lot to show you in non-stop new product presentations.

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