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February 10th

USPSA Single Stack Nationals
This time it’s 1911s in competition at the Classic Single Stack Nationals. It’s a throw-back to the origins of action shooting as conceived and taught by the founder, Jeff Cooper. Plus, The British rifle that enforced the empire at the turn of the century. The Martini-Henry is now one of History’s guns.  Then the CMP Team Match is bringing friends and family to the range for the challenge of shooting out to 600 yards. And Mark Redl has a drill for you to speed your reloads, if you have the ammo.
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February 17th

Tennessee Cowboy Action
Get your big hat and strap on your six-guns for Tennessee Cowboy Action. SASS, the Single-Action Shooting Society, is among the most popular of the shooting sports, with regional, national, and international matches, all preserving the history of America’s Old West. And the Tennessee Championship hosts the largest number of competitors of any state match by offering world class competition with guns from the late 1800s. Then its more modern firearms on the line as new shooters team with more experienced riflemen to compete at the GAP Grind. And S&W Pro Shooter Julie Golob has a Pro Tip to boost your confidence and your aim with your new red-dot sight.
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February 24th

Hornady Precision Rifle Challenge 2020
It’s the second year of the Hornady Precision Rifle Challenge in the hills of Utah, an extraordinary venue for long range riflery, with competitors challenged by both distance and the Utah winds. Plus, first time training for some of the 5 million new gun owners at Royal Range in Nashville. The objective is to get them shooting safely when some have never before fired a personal defense handgun. Then, The Ma Deuce is one of History’s Guns. And Julie Golob has a one box practice drill to keep you sharp when ammo is in short supply.
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March 3rd

The World Speed Shooting Championship
The World Speed Shooting Championship is also known as the Steel Challenge. Draw and shoot five steel targets as fast of you can, with time in seconds as your score. We’ve called it drag racing with guns, and that is exactly what speed shooting is. We’re heading to Talladega Alabama for the action. Plus General Thompson’s Trench Broom, designed for World War I, that became a preferred choice in the roaring 20s on both sides of the law. And the little-known process of de-farbing that makes Civil War Reenactors much more authentic.
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March 10th

The 2020 AG Cup
$90,000 is up for grabs at the Armageddon Gear AG Cup, it’s an invitation only Precision Rifle Tournament with the highest cash payout in the history of the sport. Then Mr. Flintlock is playing with firecrackers to launch targets for his Impossible Shot. And then a Pro-Tip from Colt Pro Shooter Mark Redl on smoothing out your double action trigger pull. It’s 6 round practice with the new Colt Python.
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March 17th

USPSA Racegun Nationals
It’s high-speed pistol competition with open and limited guns at the USPSA Race Gun Nationals. Both divisions show the incredible evolution of John Browning original design for the 1911, to include high capacity magazines with 21 or more cartridges, plus optics and compensators for the Open Division guns. The enhancements add up to the fastest competition times for the competitors at the top of the sport. Plus, a profile of the new Shumann Z company, continuing the tradition of machining the highest quality pistol barrels. Then, young Bunker Trap shooters are developing Olympic potential after developing their own Bunker Trap range. And, Julie has a Pro tip to help you shoot around cover.

March 24th

The Hornady 6mm ARC
It’s the newest and most effective new cartridge for the AR-15 platform, the Hornady 6mm ARC Advanced Rifle Cartridge. Plus the Smith & Wesson pressed into service in World War Two the .45 Victory is now one of Histor’s Guns. Then an update on our US Shooting Team Members who were training for peak performance at the Tokyo Olympics, who now have a year to wait. James Jean serves up an Archery Impossible Shot. And the Army Marksmanship Unit offers advice and their experience on traveling with guns.
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March 31st

The USPSA Pistol Caliber Carbine Nationals
It is the fastest growing division in action shooting. PCC is scored on speed and accuracy on the handgun targets used in practical shooting, but employing AR derivatives chambered for pistol cartridges. Plus, searching and finding Civil War History buried in the ground in Tennessee and in the rivers that flowed through the battlefields dividing blue and gray. Then the first upgrade for 007 that’s still a top choice for personal protection. The Walther PPK is one of Historys Guns. And a Pro Tip from the Army Marksmanship Unit on shooting the most challenging stage of the Bianchi Cup - The Mover.
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