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June 5th

Shooting USA - The Brawl at Rifles Only
This time, Precision Rifle Competition at the Brawl in Texas with the shooting challenges that are complicated by the south Texas weather. Plus, Turkey Hunters try shooting clay birds out of the air to support our US Shooting Team with the help of the best international Olympic competitors acting as their coaches. Then the M9 Beretta that is now retired from service becomes one of History’s guns. And S&W Pro Julie Golob has a Pro Tip on the best use of both iron sights and lasers.
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June 12th

Shooting USA - 2018 USPSA Limited Nationals
The Limited Nationals from Florida has no limit on the action in the race for the title. The Limited Division means no pistol optics and no compensators. Scoring is on speed and accuracy and you’ll see the best contending the title as John Scoutten and guest analyst Maggie Reese report the action. Plus, the rifle that replaced the trapdoor. The one war Krag-Jorgensen is one of History’s Guns. Then its Firearms Training beyond marksmanship with the new META Group, training to save lives. John and JP start the build of a high accuracy bolt gun. And Julie Golob takes you through building confidence with your carry gun.
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June 19th

Shooting USA - College Clays Championship
900 of the best college athletes meet on the ranges at the National Shooting Complex in San Antonio for the Association of College Unions International Clay Target Championships. They’re shooting for national titles in skeet, trap, and sporting clays. Then it’s the .22 autoloader adopted by the U. S. Army during World War Two that’s now one of History’s Guns. Plus, EoTech introduces magnified optics for longer range shooting. The new name is Vudu. Union Sportsmen invite the next generation into the outdoors. And, Julie Golob shows us how get your defensive handgun into action when you’re not carrying. 
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June 26th

Shooting USA - The Steel Challenge at Talladega
It’s Classic Steel Challenge Competition, five shots on five targets with time as your score. But now the Challenge is hosted on new ranges in Talladega, Alabama. Plus, the dangerous game solution from the 1800s before smokeless powder. The 500 Black Powder Express is one of History’s Guns. Then John’s building up an ultra-light competition Rimfire Rifle. And, just for fun, Longbow Legend, Byron Ferguson tries an Impossible Shot.
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July 3rd

Shooting USA - 2019 USPSA Multi-Gun
It’s the USPSA Multi-Gun Nationals, where the open division shooters are taking speed to the next level with pistol, shotgun and rifle, for a chance at the national title. Plus a World War Two gun that officially wasn’t a gun at all, but it’s now one of History’s Guns. Then NRA Members see what’s new in Indianapolis at the 2019 Annual Meeting. And Colt Pro-Shooter Mark Ridel has a pro-tip to help improve your accuracy at longer distances.


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