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June - 3rd

Shooting USA - FASTER in the Schools
We’re taking you inside the training program that has qualified more than 1,500 Ohio Teachers to carry every day in their schools. It’s a comprehensive training program with a final exam using air soft guns in a local high school. Chris Cerino is the primary instructor teaching techniques that enable a Good Guy Teacher to stop a bad guy with a gun. Plus the M-1 Carbine is now one of History’s Guns, Then John attends the USPSA Range Officer Academy to report on the training required to conduct a match. And Mark Redl demonstrates Tactical Reloads for speed in competition and personal defense.
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June - 10th

Shooting USA - USPSA Production Nationals
This time, nothing exotic, just out of the box factory guns shooting for the titles in the USPSA Production Nationals. It’s win on Sunday, sell on Monday competition for the top Pros and their gun company Sponsors. Plus, Turkey Hunters hunt new gear in Nashville at the annual NWTF Convention. Speed Shooting Champ BJ Norris tries for an Impossible Shot in the spirit of Ed McGivern and Jerry Miculek. And, Daisy realizes Ralphie is all grown up.
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June - 17th

Shooting USA - CMP National Trophy Match
The National Trophy Match at Camp Perry is the most valuable of the Civilian Marksmanship Program events awarding points toward the Distinguished Rifleman badge. The chase for points to become Distinguished can take years as a life-time goal. That’s the draw that brings a thousand shooters to the firing lines at ranges out to 600 yards. Plus, the Browning 1919 was the lighter machinegun that fought through WW II, Korea, and into Vietnam. The 1919 is now historic full auto fire in 30-06. Then it’s Cops only at the NRA Police Championships so we sent our Cop, Chris Cerino, to both report and compete. And John lays out the evolution of the M&P Shields that are now carried by more than 3,000,000 Americans.
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June - 24th

Shooting USA - The USPSA Limited and Carry Optics
Two of the most popular USPSA Divisions are the Limited, with iron sights, and the newer Carry Optics Division, using mini-red dot sights designed for concealed carry. It’s an exciting pairing on the same stages of fire for the Nationals in Utah. Plus the Russian RPD light machinegun that was designed to defeat the Nazis, but quickly became the choice of America’s Enemies around the globe. And the CMP promotes marksmanship bringing hundreds of juniors to the firing lines at Camp Perry.
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July - 1st

Shooting USA - The NRA World Shooting Championship
It’s the match to find the world’s best all-around competitor with challenges from every shooting discipline. It’s the NRA World Shoot from West Virginia with stages of fire from Sporting Clays, to 3-gun, to Bullseye, and Cowboy Action. Then it’s repeating firepower from the Civil War. The Yankees changed warfare with the Spencer, that is now one of History’s Guns. Plus the Gap Grind in West Tennessee, drawing 400 competitors for long-range rifle competition, while starting new shooters in the sport. And Celebrities are out breaking clays to benefit Special Ops warfighters.
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July 8th

Shooting USA - Bianchi Cup 2019
This time it’s the Bianchi Cup that’s still the most prestigious pistol match in the world with top competitors shooting a perfect match and the Cup awarded on X-Count. Plus, the story of the Historic ‘03 Springfield that armed Doughboys and carried on as the Sniper Rifle of WW-II.  Then, Colt recalls the SOG Operators of Vietnam with the Granddaddy of the M-4, the historic XM177A2 Reissue. John tests the firepower of the Smith & Wesson 610 Revolvers, chambered in 10mm. And John Paul demonstrates Truing Your Scope, the basis of long-range accuracy.
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July 15th

All Army Small Arms Championship
This time, it’s Army Small Arms competition with rack issue carbines and pistols that’s open to active duty, guard, reserve and cadets, to keep battlefield skills sharp. The Army Marksmanship Unit hosts the challenges on the ranges at Fort Benning. Plus, the big guns, Dirty Harry's Model 29. And, then the .500 S&W Magnum and the Lever Carbine chambering the .500 for even more power in the woods. Mark Redl has a Colt Pro Tip on shooting and moving and John’s explaining all you need to know to go gun racing in the Steel Challenge.
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July 22nd

The IDPA World Championship
The International Defensive Pistol Association holds their World Championships and it’s truly an international gathering of competitors at the CMP Talladega Park ranges. They’ve come from around the world to shoot scenarios designed to simulate real world situations when drawing from concealment is the way to stop the threats. Plus, the Heckler & Koch MP5 is still in service around the world, but is none-the-less a History’s Guns Icon and a Hollywood favorite choice for both sides of the law.
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July 29th

The History of US Service Rifles
The Trapdoor was the first cartridge firing service rifle that was much faster to use than the cap and ball rifles it replaced. But oddly rapid fire was not the original priority. But the Trapdoor was the beginning of the evolution to better and faster to cycle service rifles adopted over the next 100 years, that most often put superior firepower in the hands of US troops as they served in two World Wars, Korea, and into Vietnam. Plus the Smith & Wesson from World War Two that’s now one of History’s Guns. And the first of a new series of Pro Tips from the Army Marksmanship Unit.

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