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April 20th

Shooting USA - Fort Benning 3-Gun Match
It’s the only pistol, rifle, and shotgun challenge held on an active duty Army Base. If running and gunning stage challenges is simulated combat, it doesn’t get any more real than when the Army Marksmanship Unit sets up the challenges and adds in full-auto fire and Abrams Tanks! Plus the enhanced Garand, the M-14 is now one of History’s Guns. And Blackhawk! Pro, Todd Jarrett shows you real world rifle training, while shooting with his rental car.
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April 27th

Shooting USA - Generation Three Gun Match
It’s a multi-gun match for the juniors that is also a fund-raiser to help pave the way for new shooters to enter the sport. Generation Three Gun is the organization working to expand participation for the next generation.  Plus, the English Eight Bore, the black powder solution in the 1800s for Professional Hunters and Gentlemen on Safari. And, the appeal of traditional archery, when you begin by making your own bow.
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May 4th

Shooting USA - Fast Draw World Championship
Thanks to Hollywood, Fast Draw competition is thriving, now in the 60th year. The Cowboy Fast Draw Association hosts the annual shoot out to find the Fastest Gun Alive.  Plus, Youngsters shooting steel. It’s organized plinking for speed as the Scholastic Pistol Program expands to more and more teams participating. And the Mannlicher 95 is now one of History’s Guns.
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May 11th

Shooting USA - USPSA Handgun Nationals
It’s the fastest of the run-and-gun handgun sports when the top shooters in the country compete with “race guns” that bring every possible enhancement to help win.  Plus, there’s a Zombie invasion in Nebraska that can only be handled by the competitors at Pandemic in the Heartland, hosted by Hornady. And wounded veterans honoring wounded veterans at HAVA family range day near Fort Campbell in Kentucky.
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May 18th

Shooting USA - Precision Rifle at the Bushnell Brawl
It is considered the elite challenge in precision rifle competition, the Bushnell Brawl in South Texas. It’s not just a long range rifle challenge, it’s also a punishing physical challenge for the competitors.  Plus, the revolver that lead the way to the modern double-action, 50 years early. The Dean, Adams and Dean is one of History’s Guns. And Turkey Hunters flock to Nashville for the largest NWTF convention ever.
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May 25th

Shooting USA - Smith & Wesson IDPA Back Up Gun Nationals
It’s the match limited to the guns people actually carry, 5-shot revolvers and small autoloaders. The defensive scenarios are creative and challenging on the S&W Indoor Ranges in Massachusetts. And it’s the best possible practice for a real-life emergency. Plus, the 1873 Single Action Army is one of History’s Guns. And Colt relaunches the company and the new guns now focused on serving civilian customers.
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June 1st

Shooting USA - 2016 SHOT Show Hour Special
Jim, John, and Tony are running the 12 miles of aisles in the Sands Convention Center in Las Vegas, with 60,000 Gun Dealers and Buyers. It’s your insider tour of the new guns and gear that will be making news this year. Set your DVR. The guys, and the Pro Shooters you know, have a lot to show you in non-stop new product presentations.
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