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November 29th

Shooting USA - Vintage Sniper Competition  
This time, Historic Rifles are on the firing line. It’s the Vintage Sniper Match in Talladega for collectors competing with classic rifles and historically accurate scopes from the two World Wars. Plus, John welcomes a new rifle shooter as his Amateur for the Bushnell GAP Grind Precision Rifle Challenge. And, the Remington Rolling Block is now one of History’s Guns.
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December 6th

Shooting USA - US Steel Nationals
It’s new divisions, and new guns shooting in the US Steel Nationals, the fastest of the action pistol sports. It’s simple, how fast can you draw and shoot 5 steel targets? The US Steel Nationals is the largest steel match leading up to the world championship. Plus, the Cobra returns as Colt updates a famous revolver from the past. And we’re celebrating 25 years of TV gun shows, reaching into the archives to replay the last interview with firearms giant, Bill Ruger.
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December 13th

Shooting USA - The Iron Sights Nationals
This time, high-capacity guns and handguns direct from the factory compete at the Iron Sights Nationals. It’s the top competitors in the Limited Division and the Production Division shooting for national titles in USPSA competition. Then the Walther P-38 is one of History’s Guns. Plus, Comp-Tac brings holsters out of the garage to be number one in IDPA. It’s a company profile from Houston. And, we’re Talking Tech, defining MOA and what you get in accuracy with a rifle guarantee.
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December 20th

Shooting USA - International Revolver Championship 2016
It’s the action shooting competition for wheel guns at the International Revolver Championship. The annual match brings out the best of the revolver enthusiasts to compete on challenging stages of fire at the Universal Shooting Academy in Florida. Plus, the Remington New Army, the other cavalry arm for the Union, is one of History’s Guns. And thousands of hunters flock to Nashville for the NWTF annual convention.
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December 27th

Shooting USA - Precision Rifle at the Bushnell Brawl 2017
It’s the most challenging precision rifle competition, the Bushnell Brawl, with 1,000 yard targets set out in the South Texas wind. Plus, team building for the Smith & Wesson gun builders competing in the Factory Cup. And the historic Remington from John Browning that would change shotgun hunting forever. Then Todd Jarrett shows us his technique for a lightning-quick draw.
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January 3rd

Shooting USA - The 20th Smith & Wesson Indoor Nationals
It’s the twentieth year of defensive pistol competition at Smith & Wesson and the 20th anniversary of the founding of IDPA competition. In 20 years the self-defense sport has grown to be world-wide. Plus, we have the multi-gun match on an active Army base, the Ft. Benning 3-Gun. And, the Remington 03-A3, the inexpensive version of the 1903 Springfield, is one of History’s Guns.
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January 10th

Shooting USA - Bushnell Precision Rifle
This time, the Pros help the Amateurs take on the challenges of Precision Rifle Shooting at the GAP Grind. Then the CMP Goes West to the Desert for their Western Games. Savage introduces two new rifles chambered for 6.5 Creedmoor, one is a bolt action and one an MSR. And, Julie is using lasers to help diagnose and cure your handgun shooting mistakes.
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January 17th

Shooting USA - The USPSA Optics Nationals
Race Guns, Carry Guns with red dots, and PCC, Pistol Caliber Carbines. They’re all now divisions in the USPSA Optics Nationals. John and Tony report the action and provide some of their own in the USPSA’s newest competition. Plus, Royal Range, the first five-star range in the country, built from an abandoned movie theater. And Todd Jarrett shows us home defense with a rifle.
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January 24th

Shooting USA - USPSA Multi-Gun Nationals 2017
It takes three guns and lots of ammo to claim a Championship in the USPSA’s Multi-Gun Nationals. Plus, they called it Hitler’s Garand. The Gewehr 43, is one of History’s Guns. Then, Cleveland recalls 75 years of history at the I-X Center, from the days it built Tanks for the wars. And Ken Hackathorn is training us to shoot like John Wick.
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January 31st

Shooting USA - The Steel Challenge 2017
It’s a new speed record at the Steel Challenge in California. The Pros take on banks of five steel targets in lightning fast rounds and one sets a new record. Then, the National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association hosts Youngsters for a weekend at Friendship to get them started with their first shots in the shooting sports. And we get our first shots with the big bore M&P 2.0 .45. Plus Ken Hackathorn is teaching home defense with your AR Rifle.
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