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November 21st

Shooting USA - 1,000 Yard Benchrest
Thousand Yard Benchrest is competition with unlimited guns you won’t believe. They’re handmade and can weigh as much as 100 pounds. And there are two ways to score for record when you can master the wind. Plus, the NRA meets in Dallas with thousands of new members joining to support the 2nd Amendment and see the new guns and gear being introduced for this year.  And John Browning’s Colt Woodsman, the .22 autoloader that dominated first gun sales for most of the 20th century, is now a collectible and one of History’s Guns.
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November 28th

Shooting USA - IDPA Nationals at Talladega
It’s the IDPA Nationals with the best shooters in Defensive Pistol Competition. The CMP Ranges at Talladega host the challenges designed to simulate real world threats. Scoring is speed and accuracy while using cover. And there are now new divisions to better represent the CCW guns being carried on the street. Plus, the Garands are back from overseas, and being prepped for collectors and shooters. We’ll show you the process inside the Civilian Marksmanship Program in Anniston, Alabama. And then a profile of the motivated young team from New Jersey that’s shooting classic pistol.
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December 5th

Shooting USA - The Steel Nationals
It’s five steel targets for a test of speed and accuracy at the US Steel Nationals. It’s the challenge everybody understands and that’s bringing more and more people into the sport. In the case of the US Steel Nationals, it’s a record number of shooters in divisions for all kinds of guns. Plus, Comp-Tac at the range, supporting IDPA competition at the Texas state championship. And, the Dick Special is one of History’s Guns.
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December 12th

Shooting USA - The USPSA Multi-Gun Nationals
The Multi-gun Nationals challenges the best shooters while the desert challenges their rifles, shotguns, and pistols to keep running in competition for the national titles. Plus, the French MAS 36, the last bolt rifle in World War Two, is now one of History’s Guns. Then John and Tony chase down the new stuff on display at TriggerCon in Seattle. And, Mr. Flintlock is back for an Impossible Shot.
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December 19th

Shooting USA - The NRA World Shooting Championship
It’s the competition to find the best at everything that goes bang. The NRA World Shooting Championship adds the scores from many different shooting disciplines to find the best all-around shooting champion. Plus, the Crockett rifles from Tennessee that armed Andrew Jackson’s Militia on his way to stop the British in New Orleans. Then, John and JP finish the budget rifle accuracy build. And Maggie Reese has a pro tip on doing it right when the stage designer gives you a table start with an empty gun.

December 26th

Shooting USA - The Steel Challenge at Talladega
It’s Classic Steel Challenge Competition but hosted on a new range in Talladega, Alabama. Plus, the dangerous game solution from the 1800s before smokeless powder. The 500 Black Powder Express. Then John’s building up an ultra-light competition Rimfire Rifle. And, just for fun, Longbow Legend, Byron Ferguson tries an Impossible Shot.
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January 2nd

Shooting USA - The SCTP Nationals
It’s time for a personal best at the Scholastic Clay Target Nationals in Ohio, with thousands of youngsters participating in the most successful youth shooting program of all time. Plus, Hand building 1911s the old way at Les Baer Custom. It’s the same process developed by pistol smiths in the 1930s, still used to create exceptionally accurate handguns. Then, John and John Paul of JP Enterprises begin a rifle build-up for accuracy. And Colt Pro Shooter, Maggie Reese has a rifle Pro Tip on Grip and Stance for fast transitions.
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January 9th

Shooting USA - The Bushnell GAP Grind
The Grind is the Pro-Am Precision Rifle Match that’s growing the sport. It has become the largest ever on the circuit, graduating last year’s amateurs to teaching pro status, while bringing in new shooters to get them enjoying the shooting sport. The Grind has become a shooting festival in Western Tennessee hosting 400 competitors in two days of long range competition. Plus, The Nock Volley gun. Seven barrels to repel boarders in the late 1700s. And, Zombies are under fire again in Nebraska at Hornady’s annual match where the emphasis is on three-gun fun.



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