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May 9th

Shooting USA - The International Revolver Championship
It’s wheel guns only in competition at the International Revolver Championship for the competitors who still choose the simplicity and reliability of the classic revolver. It’s speed shooting for time and accuracy while reloading a six shooter or an eight shooter. Plus, the history of the Scout Rifle concept that actually began with the Germans in World War Two. Then, Nashville fills up with Turkey Hunters at the NWTF convention. Plus, the most accurate of the 10mm 1911s, the new Hunter 6-inch from Les Baer Custom. And a final look back in honor of the late Michael Voigt. His Pro Tip on Multi-gun shooting from 2004.
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May 16th

Shooting USA - The SHOT Show 2018
We’re inside the Sands Convention Center in Las Vegas with the Dealers and Buyers discovering the new items that will make news this year. Plus, the new pistol from Smith & Wesson that wasn’t quite ready for SHOT, but is now. And an insider report from Hornady Manufacturing that’s now confirming their new ammo makes your AR a viable home defense weapon. And Ken Hackathorn demonstrates that where the threat is determines your CCW draw and shot placement.
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May 23rd

Shooting USA - The Single Stack Nationals 2017
It’’s classic 1911 competition at the Single Stack Nationals. The guns are stock appearing 1911s, charged by limited magazines, but the action is far from limited in Barry, Illinois. Plus, the Gatling and the doctor who thought his invention would end all wars. History shows it didn’t. And a look back to our history in our 25th year, our visit with Colonel Jeff Cooper at Gunsite in 1996.
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May 30th

Shooting USA - Bushnell Precision Rifle
This time, the Pros help the Amateurs take on the challenges of Precision Rifle Shooting at the GAP Grind. Then the CMP Goes West to the Desert for their Western Games. Savage introduces two new rifles chambered for 6.5 Creedmoor, one is a bolt action and one an MSR. And, Julie Golob is using lasers to help diagnose and cure your handgun shooting mistakes. 
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June 6th

Shooting USA - Fort Benning Three Gun
The Army Marksmanship Unit at Fort Benning hosts civilians for combat shooting with three guns. It’s the Fort Benning 3-Gun Challenge that gets close to simulating combat in the field. Plus, the British Rifle by Enfield that’s got a German name. The Brunswick is one of History’s Guns. And Winter Range in the Desert brings the next generation into Cowboy Shooting. 

June 13th

Shooting USA - Lucas Pistol Caliber Carbine
It’s a brand new sponsor, for a brand new match, on a brand new range. Lucas Oil is now sponsoring Gun Racing with the Championship of Pistol Caliber Carbine action shooting.  John Scoutten and Tony Pignato both shoot the match and report the action, as the best in the sport compete for $10,000 in prize money. Plus the last of the British Enfields, the Jungle Carbine, is now one of History’s Guns. And from our 25 years of Television history, we’re bringing back Jerry Miculek’s world records set 15 years ago in 2003.
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June 20th

Shooting USA - The Iron Sights Nationals
This time, high-capacity guns and handguns direct from the factory compete at the Iron Sights Nationals. It’s the top competitors in the Limited Division and the Production Division shooting for national titles in USPSA competition. Then the Walther P-38 is one of History’s Guns. Plus, Comp-Tac brings holsters out of the garage to be number one in IDPA. It’s a company profile from Houston. And, we’re Talking Tech, defining MOA and what you get in accuracy with a rifle guarantee.
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June 27th

Shooting USA - Precision Rifle at The Brawl in Texas
It’s long range shooting on the clock and under duress.  That’s the challenge for riflemen at the Brawl in Texas with shots out to 1,000 yards. Plus, the John Browning pistol that went to war on the other side. The Model of 1922 armed armies across Europe, including the Germans in World War Two. Then Colt brings back an icon from Vietnam, the M16A1 Reissue is History remembered, that’s now for sale in limited production. And Julie Golob is ready to help solve your slide operating issues in a Pro Tip.


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