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January 6th

Shooting USA -  The USPSA Revolver Nationals - 2015 TRT
The fastest wheel gunners in the nation compete for championship titles in the USPSA Revolver Nationals. Plus, the event for women only. The Girl and a Gun convention and shoot in Texas. And the British Service rifle that made the transition to breech-loading. The Snyder is now one of History’s Guns.
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January 13th

Shooting USA -  USPSA Handgun Nationals
It’s the fastest of the run-and-gun handgun sports when the top shooters in the country compete with “race guns” that bring every possible enhancement to help win.  Plus, there’s a Zombie invasion in Nebraska that can only be handled by the competitors at Pandemic in the Heartland, hosted by Hornady. And wounded veterans honoring wounded veterans at HAVA family range day near Fort Campbell in Kentucky.
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January 20th

Shooting USA - USPSA Multi-Gun Nationals 2015
This time, the fastest practical shooters race for the USPSA Multi-gun National titles using pistol, rifle and shotgun. We’ve got the action from Las Vegas. Plus, the rare breechloader prized by the Confederacy, the Terry Carbine. And juniors compete with dreams of Olympic Gold as the Army hosts the Junior National Air Rifle Championship. 
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January 27th

Shooting USA - Cadet Combat Championship
It’s competition that simulates combat for Army, Navy, and Coast Guard cadets, building their skills for the future. Plus, the NRA Annual Meeting comes to town with 78-thousand members showing up in Nashville. And Julie Golob has a Pro Tip that takes just one box of ammo to keep your concealed carry skills sharp.
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February 3rd

Shooting USA - Bushnell GAP Grind Pro-Am
The GAP Grind Pro-Am opens one of the most intimidating competitions to new shooters. It’s long range Precision Rifle competition in Tennessee, with John now considered an experienced Pro, helping a new shooter compete. Plus, Japan’s historic, yet unreliable revolver is one of History’s Guns. And juniors are breaking a lot of clays at the SCTP Nationals.
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February 10th

Shooting USA - IDPA Pan American Championship
This time, it’s world-class competition in paradise. We’re at the Smith & Wesson Pan American IDPA Championships in Puerto Rico. John covers the action on the range and on the beach. Plus the French Revolver that’s now one of History’s Guns, after 75 years on the beat. And new IDPA lady shooters train with a champ to get started in the sport.
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February 17th

Shooting USA - World Championship of NRA Action Pistol - The Bianchi Cup
This week, it’s the NRA Action Pistol Championship. The world’s best compete for the Bianchi Cup. Plus, the rifle for the early frontier, the Hawken is one of History’s Guns. And we’re Talking Tech on .38 caliber bullets and how the cartridges got their names.
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February 24th

Shooting USA - 2016 SHOT Show Hour Special
Jim, John, and Tony are running the 12 miles of aisles in the Sands Convention Center in Las Vegas, with 60,000 Gun Dealers and Buyers. It’s your first look at the new guns and gear that will be making news this year. Set your DVR. The guys have a lot to show you in non-stop new product presentations.

March 2nd

Shooting USA - Cowboy Action Shooting World Championship
Shooting USA goes West for the World Championship at End of Trail. It’s the cowboy shooting best competing for titles in New Mexico. Plus, the rifle that won the West. The Winchester 73 is one of History’s Guns. And 20-Something, Firefox, becomes the newest SASS member with help from a champion coach.
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