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April 11th & 12th

Shooting USA -  The USPSA Production Gun Nationals
The Factory Sponsored Professionals compete with the handguns anyone can buy. It’s the old NASCAR rule, “Win on Sunday, sell Guns on Monday.”  For the pros, the Production Nationals is the most important competition of the year. Plus, the Savage auto-loading pistol that nearly beat the 1911. The Savage model of 1907 is now one of History’s Guns. And Colt celebrates 40 years at Gunsite with a look back to the history of Col. Jeff Cooper and his guns.
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April 18th & 19th

Shooting USA - International Revolver Championship 2016
It’s the action shooting competition for wheel guns only at the International Revolver Championship. The annual match brings out the best of the revolver enthusiasts to compete on challenging stages of fire at the Universal Shooting Academy in Florida. Plus, the Remington New Army, the other cavalry arm for the Union, is one of History’s Guns. And thousands of hunters flock to Nashville for the NWTF annual convention.
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April 25th & 26th

Shooting USA - Remington at 200
This time, The remarkable history of Remington at 200 years of continuous production for America. It’s a story that begins with one young man who wanted a rifle in 1816. Eliphalet Remington II was about to launch a dynasty. Plus, we’re Talking Tech on the guns and cartridges of 1873 that would win the West. And red dot optics compete in the USPSA’s new national championship, the Carry Optics Division.
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May 2nd & 3rd

Shooting USA - STI Limited National Championships
This time, high capacity guns with iron sights in the STI Limited National Championship. It‚Ä™s high action at the Universal Shooting Academy in Florida where John Scoutten has our coverage, with analyst Tony Pignato. Plus, the British rifle imported by the Confederacy that introduced long range sniping to the battlefield. The Whitworth is now one¬  of History‚Ä™s Guns. And the best in the sport compete in Tennessee Bullseye.
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May 9th & 10th

Shooting USA - The Single Stack Nationals
It’s classic pistol competition as Col. Jeff Cooper first created the combat sport. 400 USPSA members compete in Barry, Illinois, with single-stack 1911’s, in the biggest championship competition of the year. Plus the history of John Browning’s 1911 that is clearly one of History’s most famous Guns. And the little known museum in Alabama with 8,000 weapons collected by one man who had been an American spy in World War Two.
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May 16th & 17th

Shooting USA - The 2017 SHOT Show
We’re inside the Sands Convention Center in Las Vegas with a record number of Dealers and Buyers discovering the hot new items that will make news this year. Plus, a profile of the man named SHOT Business Person of the Year, who created an entire new category of sighting 25 years ago. And we’re taking you inside S&W to see the production of the new M&P 2.0. It’s the process you’ve never seen before.
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May 23rd & 24th

Shooting USA - The 2016 Bianchi Cup
This time the world’s most prestigious handgun championship becomes twice as difficult. To take the cup, the top competitors have to shoot the four stages of fire twice, combining their qualifying score with their second round of shooting the plates, the barricades, the practical, and the mover. Julie Golob joins John Scoutten to present the action from Columbia, Missouri. Plus, the High Standard from World War Two, and the movie guns Clint Eastwood ordered for his film, American Sniper.
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May 30th & 31st

Shooting USA - The US Steel Nationals - 2016
It’s drag racing with guns! Draw and shoot five steel targets for time. And it gets very fast when the top Pro Shooters step into the shooting box. But Steel Shooting has also expanded to include rimfire pistols and rifles and that’s made the sport a family-friendly experience. John and Tony have the highlights, with shot-string timing, to the championship. Plus the first double action Colt, that is now one of History’s Guns. And, Max Michel organizes a party in Las Vegas to teach shooting competition.
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