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Bob Munden Joins Shooting USA Television

BobMunden1Franklin, TN:  Tier One Media, LLC has announced famed Six-Gun, Fast Draw Exhibition Shooter, Bob Munden, will join the Shooting USA Television Series in the 2006 production season.

“This is something of a reunion”, said Jim Scoutten, Executive Producer of the Shooting USA Series. “I’ve been producing and hosting TV gun shows for 14 years and for most of that time Bob Munden had a major part in those shows. He’s still the Fastest Man Who Ever Lived and a great entertainer with his six-guns. We’re delighted he’s able to join us in 2006.”

BobMunden2Scoutten said, when Tier One Media was founded in 2002 to produce the new Shooting USA series of shows, Munden was not free to join the production of the new series. “I can’t tell you how many e-mails and letters I’ve had since, asking where Bob Munden was and why he wasn’t on the shows,” Scoutten said. “Bob’s got a huge group of fans out there who are going to be delighted to see him back on the air,” Scoutten said.

Munden will work with the Shooting USA Television Crews to produce a series of Exhibition Shooting demonstrations. Each in the series will appear in the TV shows under the title of an “Impossible Shot “, Scoutten said. “The title fits. After all these years, Bob is still impossibly fast with his six guns.  Our long-time viewers will be delighted to see him back and our new younger viewers will likely not believe their eyes,” Scoutten said. “Bob’s a great entertainer.  We couldn’t be more pleased that he’s finally able to join us.”

Bob Munden joins Professional Exhibition Shooters Byron Ferguson (Long Bow), Tom Knapp (Shotgun) and Jerry Miculek (Revolver and 3 Gun) as a weekly contributor to the Shooting USA TV series.


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