The Economics of Gun Control



JimPortraitsmTime to Get Active
for CCW Freedom

Print the supplies you need to compliment the businesses that welcome your Concealed Gun

And to notify the ones who ban your gun:
No Guns, No Money



Businesses need to know their choices affect their bottom line.  We’ve got the free tools
for you to let them know.

Gun Free RedCard Small


First, we have a business-sized ‘card’ you can use to inform a business you won’t shop there because they’ve posted “no guns allowed”. 



Green Free Card Small


And there’s a second card used to compliment businesses who do not prohibit your legal firearm.

Both businesses need to know their policy is affecting their profits.


Had we had the green circle cards for the day we all supported Starbucks for refusing to post their stores, we would have used one then when we stopped for a cup.

Print ‘em. Cut ‘em out and use them.
You can make a difference in affecting
 the Economics of Gun Control.

GunFreeZone Flier SmallThen we have a flier you can print - a full page warning sign to use with a roll of scotch tape at the entrance of shopping malls and other large facilities that prohibit firearms on the property. Tape one up next to the “no guns” sign as a public service to unaware shoppers. 

And take a photo of your posting and send it in to my e-mail below. Include the name of the mall and city, and we’ll build an album of postings.

Your scotch-taped warning notice is not likely stay on the mall door for very long, depending on how alert mall security may be. But carry plenty and post when you have the opportunity. Every shopper who sees the notice will be thinking about safety and maybe be changing their mind about gun control.

It goes without saying, that you wouldn’t be doing business at any location that prohibits your CCW firearm. But until now, those businesses don’t know it.  It’s time to make a difference in their pocketbooks.

It’s the Economics of Gun Control.

Comments and photos to Jim Scoutten:

Click on images to download the PDFs and print on any office or home printer:

GunFreeZones Cards 8up Small

Single Sheet ‘Cards’: print and cut

GunFreeZone Flier Small

Single Sheet Flier for printing


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