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 Mark Redl -  Shooting Around Barricades

What I’ve just done is a very simple but effective drill. Two targets, two rounds on each. This is a great drill to teach gun handling, draw, splits, and transitions. But I want to add another element to this drill. We still have our two targets downrange, the same configuration as our first drill. What I’ve added to the drill is a barricade.

 I like using barricades when I train for two reasons. The first reason, as a competitive shooter I will be required to shoot around barricades in just about every stage that we encounter. The second reason is, in a self-defense situation, I'd like to be able to shoot around barricades because, anytime I could put something between me and a threat, it’s a benefit to my survival.

I just shot the same drill as I did before using the barricade. I always use a timer in my training. And my goal here is to be able to shoot the drill from the barricade at about the same time that I can just shoot it out in the open. 


So, let's talk about foot position shooting from a barricade. If I'm shooting from the right side of the barricade, I have my right foot forward because it allows me to pivot on it and maintain a good balance position in order to get good accurate hits. 


The same is true on the opposite side. Shooting from the left side of a barricade, I want my left foot slightly forward, so it allows me to maintain that balanced position to maintain good hits. 

You should incorporate barricade shooting in your training sessions. It will make you a more rounded and better shooter. Next time on the range let me know how barricade shooting works for you.








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