El Presedente


The legendary Jeff Cooper and founder of practical shooting, over forty years ago, developed what we call the El Presidente.  The El Pres. is something that we use in competition to do on call or demand.


So it is a nice stage to be able to practice... for whether you use a hand gun for concealed carry, or even if you are in law enforcement.  Well you can see that was a pretty good run. Over the years if you could shoot this in under ten seconds you would be considered a god.  That was a four fifty one. 

Now we are going to break down the El Pres. just a little bit to give you a couple of tips. And we are going to give you guys in law enforcement just a couple of tips, with the rifle, for you to practice out on the range yourself.


Now we are going to talk about our foundation here. Be sure that your foot work is facing parallel to the back of the range, make sure that your feet are a little closer together so when we turn and draw we will be in the proper foundation or stance to be able to shoot the string of fire. 


The El Presidente was not developed just for speed and for looks, it was actually developed for speed and accuracy and gun manipulation, so our good friends in law enforcement who practice all the time with your gear. Well guess what, this is a great little stage for those guys to practice in a really small confined area to understand what time all about.


Our head, very important here.  When you are facing down range for surrender, the quicker you get your eyes on the target the faster you can find a spot to shoot at.  This will also help you from breaking the one eighty by drawing the gun early. So do not go with the gun with your head, make sure your eyes find it and the gun will go to the target faster.


Over forty years ago Jeff Cooper developed the El Pres. There have been millions of rounds fired on this particular stage right here and there are hundreds of demands that we can put on ourselves as fire arms instructors or as competitive shooters to make us a better shot.  Guess what, the El Pres. will do that for you, simple and easy.


There you go Jim, that was a three eighty five for you boys and girls out there. That was a good one boys.




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