Long Range Positions

Long range shooting has become wildly popular in the United States today.

Here I've got Cadet Captain Raquel Zitta showing the proper technique on how to shoot in the prone position. Her body is in the most stable position, in line with the rifle, but most important she just wants to crawl on top of that rifle to make sure it doesn’t move and only put enough tension for that shot to happen down range.

So she has the proper cheek piece, the right alignment to the scope. Most important, her hands are relaxed on the gun in order to make that perfect shot.



The key thing here is understanding how we work in prone, but once we take the rifle and the individual and put it on another prop, that’s when it becomes difficult.

When I am sitting at a prop, I want every part of my body touching if possible. When shooting long range make sure that you are level with your scope on the horizon. Whether you run a level on the gun or you are a hunter, you want to look out to the horizon and make sure that your reticule is perfectly level. Because one degree of angle at five hundred yards can miss a target.

In getting myself positioned here, I want to be able to get behind the gun so that the gun is completely rested and ready to go. So when I mount the gun in that position, using whatever type of bags or equipment that I have, I want to be able to settle down properly.

This is going to give me the position I am looking for, the key thing is how can I get behind that gun, be as comfortable as possible, but not disturb the gun when I get behind it to pull the trigger.


In competition, or in the field, they may give you a position that is the most difficult position that you’ve ever been in. In this case, I am using my bi-pod to actually ride up and down my leg to be part of the support.

No matter how hard the shot they give you, know how difficult it is going to be for you to make that shot, with the proper breathing, proper technique and the proper trigger control, you can make that shot.

Long range shooting on the ground can be very important to understand all the fundamentals.

I want you to get off the ground and get onto props and try those different techniques in order to become a better long range shot.

Long range shooting is a lot of fun and it’s a family affair, so the next time you want to try a shooting sport, check out the long range shooting sports in America today, they are a lot of fun.  

Good luck and safe shooting.



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