Multi-Point Slings

Working single point slings. It is very important to understand, when working in vehicles and around them, that’s going to be your best option.  

But Blackhawk has come out with a brand new two point sling that converts back to a single point sling. That’s the Pro-Tip for the day.


The Key to this model is the quick disconnect, or QD. You can get dirt and debris in any type of QD mount, so you need to make sure that when you insert it that it does not come out, because you can drop a loaded gun.

The next portion is that we have is our patented slider that allows us to lock this position in place for the competitive shooters in the three gun world, and my guys in law enforcement that want to cinch that down because of body armor.


Now let's take a look at transitioning in a two point configuration. If I’ve got the gun up on the target and I have a failure, I am going to attempt to put the safety on whenever possible allowing the gun to hang in the two point configuration, allowing me to draw the sidearm cleanly out to the target. This will stabilize the gun to have a steady sight picture.

If I want to get the gun out of my way for other reasons, I want to use the slider to pull it behind me allowing the pistol to come up cleanly to the target which gives me more operating room. That’s what the two point configurations can do for you.


Now let's take a look at the single point position that we are going to be working with. There are two favorite transitions that I am going to be demonstrating here, where I actually move and catch the bottom of the magazine as I am transitioning to the pistol. This allows me to stabilize the gun much more securely for a more precision shot with the hand gun.

The other transition is to drive the gun to our back allowing the strong hand to go forward, allowing the pistol to come out to have a nice clean shot. Those are the two positions that are my favorites.




In the inboard position, this allows my students to put their gun on safe; this allows the instructor and everyone else on the range to know they have a safe firearm.

There are many different configurations in how we can use the sling, in whatever type of application, whether it be in three gun, military, or law enforcement.  

The most important thing is find the sling that fits you.  

I wish everybody good luck and safe shooting on the range.



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