50 Round Drill

Today’s Pro-Tip will be getting my concealed carry holders out on the range properly using deep concealment, whether it be appendix style, or in the center of the back, Those are the two positions I will be working. There may be multiple ones you want to work with.  

But what we are going to be working with is what you can do at the range with 50 rounds of ammunition.  

We are going to get started, using 10 rounds, with one shot draws. Doing it safely, but most importantly doing it consistently.

Looking at the appendix draw it is very important that when I draw my gun out of the holster that my finger is clearly out of the trigger guard, all the way out to the target.

Once I’ve engaged the target I want to watch my finger come off the trigger and follow the gun all the way back to the holster.

When it comes to the garment, the important part is to be able to grab that garment material on or near to the gun and lift it straight to the chin. That will give you the clearest and safest way to be able to draw the gun out of the holster without the garment stopping the gun.

The same applies to the pistol on the hip. Grab the garment, pull it to the chin, pointing your finger out of the trigger guard, driving it to the target, and assisting it back in by watching your finger out of the guard to the center of the back.



Drill number two will be 11 through 20 rounds.


This is going to be a well aimed shot with a quick follow up, which is known as the double tap. The key thing here is to make sure you have a nice consistent firm grip to be able to maintain a consistent follow through for that second shot.

So if you’re looking for speed and accuracy you need to increase your grip strength in your support hand.

When working from the center of the back it is a little more difficult to be able to grab the gun. So it is very important to maintain a good grip out of the holster.


String number three will be two five shot strings.

This will test your ability to maintain a constant grip for all five rounds.Shoot as fast as you can keep your gun on the target safely.

You will probably realize that you need to increase your grip strength when doing those drills, so it is very important to work on that grip for maintaining that constant follow through for speed and accuracy.


Shots 31 through 40, this will be unusual.



Five shots strong hand and five shots in the weak hand, starting out of the holster in the low ready position, finger out of the trigger.


Rounds 41 through 50 will not be shot on the Champion Target Steel. They will be shot on paper for precision. Five shots at the seven yard line and five shots at the 15.




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